A Star to Guide Us Achievements Guide

GW2. A complete achievement guide of the Living World Season 4 Episode 4 “A Star to Guide Us”

Total achievements: 71 – 213AP

“A Star to Guide Us” Mastery – 30AP

This is the meta achievement for which you need to complete 38 eligible achievements. The reward for this is a Palawa Joko’s Staff Head.

NOTE: The reward is not the complete Staff, check out the achievement “Dark Tools for Dark Times” under Collections.

Story Completion Achievements – 0AP – 1MP

A Shattered Nation – 0AP
Journal: A Shattered Nation Completed

Complete the story chapter “A Shattered Nation”

Chaos Theory – 0AP
Journal: Chaos Theory Completed

Complete the story chapter “Chaos Theory”

Legacy – 0AP
Journal: Legacy Completed

Complete the story chapter “Legacy”

From the Ashes – 0AP
Journal: From the Ashes Completed

Complete the story chapter “From the Ashes”

Storm Tracking – 0AP – 1MP
Journal: Storm Tracking Completed

Complete the story chapter “Storm Tracking”

Story Instance Achievements – 22AP

Splat! – 1AP
Story Instance: A Shattered Nation

During the “Escort the delegates out of the summit room” part of the instance the Hierarch Chikere NPC suggests using the Free Awakened as a distraction. Stand next to him and you will get hit by the Death-Branded Shatterer claw attack.

Claws to the Wall – 1AP
Story Instance: A Shattered Nation

For this achievement you need to avoid getting hit by the Death-Branded Shatterer claw attacks. These attacks will happen on the first and second room containing Free Awakened Citizens. You can earn this achievement in the same run as Splat!

In Tatters; Not Shattered – 1AP
Story Instance: A Shattered Nation

Rescue every Free Awakened inside the Fortress of Jahai during the Death-Branded Shatterer’s attack. There are a total of 9 Free Awakened Citizens to rescue, you have to use the the special skill to make them move towards you keeping them safe, there are three groups:

  • First group of 3 are in the first room after Hierarch Chikere gets killed. Move them quickly before they get hit by the Death-Branded Shatterer claw attacks.
  • Second group of 3 are in the next room after fighting the Veteran Branded Awakened Archer. Focus on destroying the Branding Crystals to set them free, if you don’t do it fast enough they will become branded.
  • Third group of 3 in the next room after fighting Veteran Branded Awakened Ravager. Destroy the Unstable Crystal Wall and lead them to the exit, on this phase the Shatterer will only use its fear attacks.

No More Mr. Fungi – 4AP
Story Step: Chaos Theory

During this story step you will access to the area called “???” which is a cavern created by the Mists distortion that Kralkatorrik is causing and features some hallucinogenic mushrooms. Approach one of these mushrooms and it will spawn weak apparitions of allies from different past stories, kill three of these hallucinations to earn the achievement.

Is It Over Yet? – 1AP
Story Instance: Legacy

Light all braziers and clear out the hall within the time limit to make Braham look good. This achievement has a 7 minute time limit to defeat the Spider Broodmother. Basically you need to spam the special skill “Braham, focus!” to make sure he gets his job done quickly.

Not Today – 1AP
Story Instance: Legacy

This achievement is earned by defeating the Spider Broodmother without being downed or defeated. Using ranged attacks will make it easier, try to avoid all the attacks and when the broodmother has swallowed you, press the skill “Break Free” as soon it pops on your skill bar to avoid taking damage.

Unbranded – 1AP
Story Instance: Legacy

Complete the instance without being encompassed in Branded crystal. Avoid the slow circle attacks on the ground or they will apply a stack of “Branded Accumulation” to you, if you reach 10 stacks you will be encased. Dodging will remove one stack as well.

Pod Smasher – 1AP
Story Instance: Legacy

During the fight with the Branded Rifstalker you need to avoid any Branded Pod detonating. Two sets of pods will spawn at 66% and 33% boss health. Above the pods you will see a circular timer indicating how much time left you have. Use high dps and mobility to destroy them all before they detonate and you will earn the achievement.

I Brought a Friend – 1AP (Hidden)
Story Instance: From the Ashes

Bring an Unstable Branded Awakened to Zafirah and have it explode on her. To do this easily wait until Zafirah ports on the second platform, you will see a branded elemental near, lure with a ranged weapon and run towards Zafirah and the elemental will explode on top of her granting you the achievement.


Sniper, No Sniping! – 3AP
Story Instance: From the Ashes

Get through the sniper battle without getting shot. This achievement can be hard to do, you need to advance towards Zafirah without getting hit by her ranged attacks using the pillars to cover. I strongly recommend you do this with a class that has access to stealth and teleports and you can also dodge the shot. The wood cover spots will only block one shot and the next will hit you.

Zafirah will teleport to two other places before going to the center at 5%. using mounts and gliding is not a good idea you will be an easier target. The ground has poison putting you in combat so you will need to move fast to avoid taking much damage. There are branded enemies as well who will try to explode on you knocking you out of the cover. Check the next video on how to do it with Daredevil:

Faster than a Speeding Bullet – 5AP
Story Instance: From the Ashes

This achievement has a time limit of 8 minutes, you need to get Zafirah to 5% before the timer runs out, you need to avoid dying mostly because that will cost you the most time. You can do this at the same time as Sniper, No Sniping! if you don’t waste much time.

Right On Track – 1AP
Story Instance: Storm Tracking

Successfully prevented the Branded from interrupting Blish while setting up the tracker. During the fist part of the instance where you need to defend Blish while he is setting up the tracker, you need to avoid any mob to attack him. If you reach the area before Blish starts you have a big advantage to kill the enemies. Pay more attention to the Branded enemies that does AoE attacks and can hit Blish.

Raptor Out – 1AP
Story Instance: Storm Tracking

Escape the Mists in the required time. The timer is 3:30 minutes to earn the achievement. You cant miss any jump or you will start over which will make you fail the timer. Use the orbs to refill your endurance. Check the video below to see how to do it:

Map Achievements – 70AP – 7MP

You Can Certainly Try – 1AP – 1MP

This achievement is earned once you kill for first time the Death-Branded Shatterer World Boss in Jahai Bluffs. This occurs every 2 hours, at XX:15 (odd UTC hours). Check the Timer here.

The main event is called “Destroy the Death-Branded Shatterer” and the boss will land at Battleground Ramparts – [&BHwLAAA=] once the two pre-events finished.

“Escort the DERVs to the Shatterer Trenches” and “Protect the junundu from the invading Branded” are the pre-events and they aren’t mandatory, however if they are successfully completed, up to 4 DERVs and 6 Junundu Wurms will join the fight.

The boss will periodically gain a Defiance Bar (CC bar) that players need to destroy to prevent the boss flying in the air and use its Shard Storm attack.

At 75%, 50% and 25% health, the boss will gain stacks of Kralkatorrik’s Intevention and spawn one Champion Branded Riftstalker for each stack. While the Riftstalkers are active the boss will become invulnerable and heal, players need to go kill them as soon as possible, during the last phase some of them spawn above the wreckage and you will need to use the Branded Tornado to fly up if you are stuck in combat.

Bottled No More – 1AP

Defeat the legendary Branded djinn in Jahai Bluffs. This is a chain of events that start with “Defend Ziya as she searches for Vemyen” at Confluence of the Elements – [&BIkLAAA=]

Once you escort Ziya, you must defeat Vemyen which is a boss with a somewhat demanding DPS check due to time limit, so optimizing for group play and damage can be helpful.

Hunted – 1AP

This achievement is earned by killing the Champion Branded Hydra that spawns at Central Brand Scar, near the Crystal Cavern – [&BJQLAAA=] after a chain of events:

  • Collect and deliver lost supplies to Second Spear Koja
  • Collect and deliver lost supplies to Second Spear Nimani
  • Gather dolyak meat to use as bait for the Branded hydra
  • Defeat the champion Branded hydra terrorizing supply routes

Historical Ambition – 1AP

To earn this achievement you need to kill either Elite Imperator Ventus or Veteran Orrian Captain. They are the leaders in the constantly cycling battle at the base of the Displaced Towers.

Big Bluffs Hunter – 5AP

This achievement requires you to defeat 5 champions across Jahai Bluffs, check the map below for their locations. You do not always have to participate in the kill to get credit for these targets; sometimes simply looting the Bluffs Hunter Reward chest which spawns on death will count.

  1. Elasa the Elemental
  2. Judge Aasma
  3. Rilohn Broodmother
  4. The Tooth
  5. Vihn

Garrison Historian – 4AP

At Soul’s Vendetta Waypoint – [&BIMLAAA=] very often the event “Escort Sergeant Eshid to the garrison to raid its supplies” will start and will continue with a chain of events until you escort Eshid back. Once completed Eshid will talk to Historian Sivvi and you can talk to Sivvi after. Repeat this chain of events four times to earn the achievement.

If I May Interrupt – 5AP

At Monument to the Return of Palawa Joko – [&BJELAAA=] the pre-event “Console the Awakened loyalists” will appear and once completed the event called “Stop “Joko” from recruiting the Awakened!” will start.

“Joko” will show up and you have to fight him. Every time Joko makes his speech he will gain a Defiance Bar (CC bar). You need to break the bar before he finishes the speech or you will fail the achievement. Later he will split into two copies and you need to break the bar on both. Make sure you have many CC skills and be aware that the event will scale with more people.

Ethereal Exchange – 1AP (Hidden)

Go to Kormir’s Reverence – [&BI4LAAA=] and use the emote /kneel in front of the statue, a ghost of Nenah will spawn, talk to her to earn the achievement.

Jahai Bounty Hunter – 8AP – 1MP

For this achievement you need to complete all four bounty in Jahai Bluffs. There are 3 champions and 1 Legendary.

You can find the board at Confluence of the Elements – [&BIkLAAA=]

Making History – 1AP

This is the Jumping Puzzle of Jahai Bluffs in the Displaced Towers area. Reach the top of the towers and open the chest to complete it. Check out this video to know how to do it:

Credit to Lekyii for the video.

Finders Inner Keepers – 1AP

Every 30 minutes a race event will occur within Jahai Keep which is more of a puzzle than a race. Every time the path to the end of the race may change due to crystal walls that block different paths each time. Reach the treasure by finding the open path to complete the race and the achievement.

Dive Master: Rilohn Falls – 1AP

Find and use the diving goggles at the top of a tall waterfall. At the top of Rilohn Falls – [&BIgLAAA=] you will find the goggles and you need to land in the bucket at the bottom to earn the achievement.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker – 7AP

This achievement is related to the Heart Quest at Reclaimed Chantry Waypoint – [&BJkLAAA=] . This is given by starting 15 successful conversations in a row between the factions in the Chantry.

You have to play the role of matchmaker by leading one NPC from one group to the correct NPC of the corresponding group. You need to do it correctly 15 times in a row or the achievement won’t progress, if you fail once, you will need to start from 0. The achievement will show your highest streak on the progress.

Start talking with a NPC from any group and pay attention to which other group is mentioning, then check the buff icon name in your bar, and proceed to the corresponding group, look for the correct answer on the list below to successfully interact. (In some cases the correct answer can be more than one)

For example: Sunspear talking about Shadow Agents, buff icon name “Values Order”, proceed to talk with the Order of Shadows NPCs until you find the correct one, which in this example case is “We spread chaos in the shadows to guarantee order. None of these other groups grasp the idea.”

Sun’s Refuge Achievements – 22AP

Sun’s Refuge is an instance accessible to players in Living World Season 4, episode 4: A Star to Guide Us.

The instance changes based on the player’s progress and actions in the Living World, and functions as a content hub. After completing Legacy, the third part of A Star to Guide Us during Living World Season 4, access to Sun’s Refuge is unlocked for all characters on that account.

You can access the instance in different ways:

  • From Venta Pass Waypoint – [&BJMLAAA=], head south and go through the portal.
  • From Soul’s Vendetta Waypoint – [&BIMLAAA=], head northwest and go through the portal.
  • Enter the portal in the west side of Central Brand Scar.
  • Using Spearmarshal’s Plea.
  • Using Sun’s Refuge Portal Scroll.

Swan Dive – 1AP (Hidden)

Find the diving goggles in Sun’s Refuge and jump into the water. The goggles are on the northeast corner of Sun’s Refuge, check the images below:

Door to the Past – 3AP (Hidden)

Find and place all five runes to open the ancient doors in Sun’s Refuge. To start, you need to complete the Heart Quest from the Warmaster Steelburn NPC at Soul’s Vendetta Waypoint – [&BIMLAAA=] then buy a Pact Excavation Contract for 5 Gold + 500 Volatile Magic.

This will open a new area in Sun’s Refugee with five rune slots. You need to gather the runes by killing any random enemy in Jahai Bluffs and once you have all five, place them to open the door and loot the chest.

Fishy Business – 3AP (Hidden)

Find a rare Elonian Red Trout for Lofa. To start, you need to complete the Heart Quest at Yatendi Village Waypoint – [&BH4LAAA=] then talk to Lofa on the upper cliff about the “elusive Red Trout”. Go inside Sun’s Refugee instance at the pond. Occasionally the Elonian Red Trout will spawn here which you need to kill and return to Lofa to complete the achievement. It seems the fish has more chances to spawn during night time. You can wait until the fish spawn or try re-entering the instance.

Fragments I Have Shored – 3AP (Hidden)

Activate all the hidden symbols in Sun’s Refuge within the time limit. You have 2 minutes to activate all symbols, you need to rotate them 3 times until they glow.

Gentle Hearts – 3AP (Hidden)

Eased the Anxiety of a Terrified Desert Fox in Jahai Bluffs. This achievement doesn’t occur inside Sun’s Refuge but after completing it will unlock a Desert Fox pet that will follow you inside the instance.

The best way to do this is collecting a harpy egg from the nests atop the bluffs of Ruined Procession. Then go to Venta Pass Waypoint – [&BJMLAAA=] and head north east until you find the fox and interact with it.

Gotchu! – 3AP (Hidden)

Win 10 games of hide and seek in Sun’s Refuge. Inside the instance locate the Hide and Seek Master and talk to him to start the minigame. There is a time limit to find the child and if you fail he will reset to the original location. After each succesful game you need to exit and re-enter the instance to reset the NPC and start another round.

The location is random each time but you can see the map below with all the possible locations.

Philanthropist – 3AP (Hidden)

Very easy achievement, locate the Pact Donations Agent Ira NPC inside Sun’s Refugee and donate 5 Gold.

Watchful Eyes – 3AP (Hidden)

You need to pay respect to 22 Griffons watching over Sun’s Refuge and Old Command Post. In order to do this, use the emote /kneel next to a Griffon. Most of them are high up on ledges so you might need to use your Springer mount. Check the map below with all the locations (some are grouped):

Mastery Insights – 5AP – 5MP

Jahai Insight: Crescent’s Prosperity – 1AP – 1MP

Interact with the Mastery Insight to earn the achievement. Easy enough simply use your Springer mount to climb up the northern edge of the building.

Jahai Insight: Fang of the Dragon – 1AP – 1MP

Interact with the Mastery Insight to earn the achievement. The Insight is on top of a branded stalagmite, use your Springer to jump into a notch in the south side of the stalagmite and then jump further up.

Jahai Insight: Harpy Rock – 1AP – 1MP

Interact with the Mastery Insight to earn the achievement. Easy enough simply use your Springer mount to climb up the building west of the Insight.

Jahai Insight: Scar Overlook – 1AP – 1MP

Interact with the Mastery Insight to earn the achievement. Use your Jackal mount at Crystal Cavern – [&BJQLAAA=] to go through the Sand Portal. Then continue the path with Griffon or Raptor until you finally climb the rest of the way to the top with your Springer.

Jahai Insight: Talon of the Dragon – 1AP – 1MP

Interact with the Mastery Insight to earn the achievement. You can use your Griffon to approach the archway from the east or use your Springer to climb the archway opposite of the one with the Insight.

Adventures – 6AP

Jahai Bluffs Griffon Expert: Gold – 1AP

This is a Griffon adventure and you need to complete it under 40 seconds for the Gold medal. You will need all masteries for this. Check the video below to know how to do it:

Jahai Bluffs Griffon Expert: Silver – 1AP

Same as above, but for silver you need to complete under 1 minute. Check the video above.

Jahai Bluffs Griffon Master: Gold – 1AP

This is a Griffon adventure and you need to complete it under 35 seconds for the Gold medal. You will need all masteries for this. Check the video below to know how to do it:

Jahai Bluffs Griffon Master: Silver – 1AP

Same as above, but for silver you need to complete under 50 seconds. Check the video above.

Run Around for No Reason: Gold – 1AP

This adventure occurs in the mushroom cave at the “???” area of Jahai Bluffs. This requires you to pass through floating objective markers as fast as possible. Start by talking with the Scarlet Briar NPC. The adventure will only show within the area and under the influence of the Hallucination or Bad Trip effects that you get in the zone. This area have low gravity, I personally do it with Skimmer but you can do it with Jackal or Springer mount as well.

The timer for Gold Medal is 42 seconds. Check the video below to see how to do it:

Run Around for No Reason: Silver – 1AP

Same as above, but for silver you need to complete under 55 seconds. Check the video above.

Collections – 24AP – 1MP

Full House – 10AP

This collection requires you to complete the following 8 collections below and it’s necessary to continue with the Joko staff collection.

Readathon – 3AP (Hidden)

Find enough books in Jahai Bluffs to make a library for the children of Sun’s Refuge. Talk with Laila inside Sun’s Refuge to start the collection. Check the map below with all the locations:

Exhibit Aye – 3AP (Hidden)

Find 14 artifacts for Roenn around Jahai Bluffs. Talk with Priory Archaeologist Roenn inside Sun’s Refuge to start the collection. Check the map below with all the locations:

Crystal Attunement – 3AP (Hidden)

Collect all the Branded crystal samples that Naja requires. Talk with Naja inside Sun;s Refuge to start the collection. Gather the following samples by killing enemies around Jahai Bluffs:

  • Bloody Brand Crystal
    • Obtained from Branded humans, charr, and ogres in Jahai Bluffs.
  • Stained Brand Crystal
    • Obtained from powerful Branded Awakened in Jahai Bluffs.
  • Crusty Brand Crystal
    • Obtained from Branded hydras and Forgotten in Jahai Bluffs.
  • Fiery Branded Crystal
    • Obtained from Branded djinn in Jahai Bluffs.
  • Occluded Brand Crystal
    • Obtained from Branded devourers and earth elementals in Jahai Bluffs.
  • Insubstantial Brand Crystal
    • Obtained from Branded Riftstalkers in Jahai Bluffs
  • Smoky Brand Crystal
    • Obtained from the Shatterer in Jahai Bluffs.

In a Grain of Sand – 3AP (Hidden)

Gather samples of corrupted sand from around Elona for Ziya’s research. Talk to Ziya the Radiant inside Sun’s Refugee to start the collection. Travel to the different zones listed below and use your Jackal mount to access the special skill “Detect Corrupted Sand” to find the samples.

  1. Somewhere in Jahai Bluffs
    • Venta Pass Waypoint – [&BJMLAAA=] Northwest of Battleground Ramparts – [&BHwLAAA=] , high up.
  2. Somewhere in Jahai Bluffs
    • Yatendi Village Waypoint — [&BH4LAAA=] West from the Confluence of the Elements – [&BIkLAAA=] , directly south of the last “e” in Temple on the world map.
  3. Somewhere in Jahai Bluffs
    • Reclaimed Chantry Waypoint — [&BJkLAAA=] Southeast of the Harpy Rock mastery insight is a jackal portal. Take the jackal portal, or use a springer, to reach the ledge above.
  4. Somewhere in Jahai Bluffs
    • Soul’s Vendetta Waypoint — [&BIMLAAA=] North of the waypoint.
  5. Somewhere in the Desolation
    • Sand Jackal Run Waypoint — [&BHcKAAA=] To the far west of Broken Shelf, just north of the sulfur area.
  6. Somewhere in the Desolation
    • The Scourgeway Waypoint — [&BHMKAAA=] East of the Shadow Arcade – [&BIEKAAA=], on an island above the sulfur.
  7. Somewhere in the Desert Highlands
    • Brightwater Waypoint — [&BJEKAAA=] On the island to the east of the word “Bay” in Transcendent Bay on the world map.
  8. Somewhere in the Elon Riverlands
    • Skimmer Ranch Waypoint — [&BGcKAAA=] On top of a sand dune, south of the first letter P in Prophet’s Path.
  9. Somewhere in the Domain of Vabbi
    • Seborhin Waypoint — [&BNAKAAA=] Just above the “n” in Eastern on the world map.
  10. Somewhere in the Domain of Vabbi
    • Necropolis Waypoint — [&BEoKAAA=] On the sand dune in the middle of the quicksand area, northeast of the waypoint.

Good, Better, Nest – 3AP (Hidden)

Collect at least 5 gifts for the nest Taimi is building. Talk to Taimi inside Sun’s Refuge to start the collection. You need to collect 5 of 7 gifts by completing the following tasks:

  1. Music Skull
    • Retrieve a gift from the Free Awakened recruiter at Vabbi’s Necropolis.
      • The Crypts — [&BOsKAAA=] in Domain of Vabbi
      • Complete Help the living and the dead at the Necropolis and Help train the newly Awakened, then talk to the Veteran Free Awakened Recruiter Orin found above ground, slightly northeast of the Crypts, by the entrance to the upper level of the red building (Court of the Dead).
  2. Pact Dragon Guards
    • Retrieve a gift from Warmaster Steelburn at the Pact Vanguard camp.
      • Soul’s Vendetta Waypoint — [&BIMLAAA=] in Jahai Bluffs
      • Complete the renown heart and talk to the NPC.
  3. Sly Crew “Blanket”
    • Retrieve a gift from Sayida the Sly in Istan.
      • The Dark Leviathan — [&BPYKAAA=] in Domain of Istan
      • Complete Maintain peace and order in the corsair flotilla and talk to Sayida the Sly on The Dark Leviathan.
  4. Luxurious Lily
    • Retrieve a gift from Zalambur in his office at the Grand Sahil.
      • Grand Sahil Casino — [&BEcKAAA=] in Crystal Oasis
      • Head to Zalambur’s Office, an instance in the southwest corner of the casino, and speak to Zalambur. Complete Defend the Water Authority plant from Hamaseen saboteurs and return to Zalambur.
  5. Elonian Pillows
    • Retrieve a gift from Imann in Amnoon’s council chambers.
      • Amnoon Civic Center — [&BIAKAAA=] in Crystal Oasis
      • Head to the Office of the Chief Councilor instance, very slightly west of the point of interest, then speak to Imann. Complete Recover the sunken Consortium cargo polluting Amnoon’s harbor and return to Imann.
  6. Sand Charr Doll
    • Retrieve a gift from Mal at Atholma Farms.
      • Atholma Waypoint — [&BEMLAAA=] in Sandswept Isles
      • Complete Atholma Farms and talk to Mal, slightly south of the renown heart NPC.
  7. Yatendi Fruit
    • Retrieve a gift from Azi at Yatendi Village.
      • Yatendi Village Waypoint — [&BH4LAAA=] in Jahai Bluffs
      • Complete the renown heart and talk to the NPC.

Memorabilia – 3AP (Hidden)

Find the pieces of Sonu’s past scattered throughout Jahai Bluffs. Talk to Sonu in Sun’s Refuge to start the collection. Check the locations below:

  1. Spoke to Sonu in Sun’s Refuge and accepted his request.
    • Sonu Location (Inside Sun’s refuge)
  2. North of the Tree, one still floats; your favorite toy as a child, those red toy boats.
    • Ancestor Tree – [&BHoLAAA=]
  3. In a house in Venta Pass, an old frame lies; its story appears to whomever cries.
    • Use the /cry emote whilst standing in the circle in front of the empty frame.
  4. Right is left, but next time it’s wrong; in the courtyard you will remember its song.
    • Interact with the Lute in the Fortress Courtyard – [&BHgLAAA=] , accessible during the mount race which starts east of the Jahai Great Hall – [&BHELAAA=] .
  5. Along the River of Rilohhn sits a large orange tree; with a view of the fortress, true love’s flowers be.
    • See map for exact location by the river
  6. Your favorite fruit, let that set in; a farmland’s tree holds the key, to those who threaten.
    • At Yatendi Farm – [&BJILAAA=] use the /threaten emote whilst standing in front of the small bush with flowers on.
  7. You became a military man, though Awakened wear no suit. North of Wurmhaven, find your sword and salute.
    • In the basement of the Garrison Command tower – [&BIsLAAA=] , there is an object leaning against the southern wall that looks like the Dusk Experiment. /salute whilst standing in front of it.
  8. In a graveyard from the right, pay your respects to whom they are due; one, three, then seven hold the clue.
    • The graveyard can be found in Crescent’s Prosperity. Working counter-clockwise from the right, kneel at the first, third and seventh gravestones. Progress is tracked with the Spectral Energy effect after kneeling at first tombstone.

Poster Child – 3AP (Hidden)

Place all of Zaeim’s recruitment posters around Tyria. Talk to Zaeim inside Sun’s Refuge to start the collection. You need to place posters in the following locations:

  1. Reclaimed Chantry, Jahai Bluffs
    • Reclaimed Chantry Waypoint — [&BJkLAAA=]
    • By the heart NPC Shadows Agent Kito.
  2. Pact Vanguard, Jahai Bluffs
    • Soul’s Vendetta Waypoint — [&BIMLAAA=]
    • By the heart NPC Warmaster Steelburn.
  3. Yatendi, Jahai Bluffs
    • Yatendi Village Waypoint — [&BH4LAAA=]
    • Slightly south of the heart NPC Village Head Azi, near Hatima.
  4. Confluence of the Elements, Jahai Bluffs
    • Yatendi Village Waypoint — [&BH4LAAA=]
    • On a wall behind some djinn at the Confluence of the Elements – [&BIkLAAA=] .
  5. Almorra’s Stand, Jahai Bluffs
    • Venta Pass Waypoint — [&BJMLAAA=]
    • On a fence post just north of Staging Platform – [&BHALAAA=] .
  6. Amnoon, Crystal Oasis
    • Amnoon Waypoint — [&BLsKAAA=]
    • At one of the southern entrances of Amnoon Emporium – [&BOAKAAA=] , south east of the trading post.
  7. Makali Outpost, Desert Highlands
    • Makali Outpost Waypoint — [&BGsKAAA=]
    • At the western exit of the outpost.
  8. First Camp, Elon Riverlands
    • Augury’s Shadow Waypoint — [&BFMKAAA=]
    • On the south side of the south tent at First Camp – [&BDwKAAA=] .
  9. Village of Purity, The Desolation
    • Bonestrand Waypoint — [&BNwKAAA=]
    • On the north east side of the southern-most building in the village.
  10. Vehtendi Academy, Domain of Vabbi
    • Vehtendi Academy Waypoint — [&BA8KAAA=]
    • To the north of the arc outside the house dormitories.
  11. Fort Marriner, Lion’s Arch
    • Fort Marriner Waypoint — [&BDAEAAA=]
    • Behind the northwest asura gate
  12. Ebonhawke, Fields of Ruin
    • Hawkgates Waypoint — [&BNMAAAA=]
    • On the wall north of the heart NPC Fallen Angel Makayla.
  13. Ossan Quarter, Divinity’s Reach
    • Ossan Waypoint — [&BC0DAAA=]
    • On the wall outside the building housing the westernmost merchant of Ossan Quarter.
  14. Central Plaza, Divinity’s Reach
    • Palace Waypoint — [&BCkDAAA=]
    • South-west of Central Plaza – [&BA4BAAA=] in The Upper City.

Elegy and Requiem Armor – 15AP

For the Full House achievement progress, you only need to complete the Elegy armor collection. However if you want to continue and unlock the Requiem armor as well, check the following guide which shows how to get both:

  • The Convergence of Sorrow I: Elegy – 5AP

  • The Convergence of Sorrow II: Requiem – 10AP


A Good Defense – 5AP (Hidden)

Unlock all 18 Elegy skins by crafting and completing collections. Check the guide above.

The Best Offense – 20AP

Unlock all 18 Requiem armor pieces by crafting and completing collections. Check the guide above.

NOTE: Six pieces are awarded individually from steps through the process of completing the collection. Each additional set can be obtained for 75 Globs of Ectoplasm and 375 Lumps of Mistonium from Trader Hyacinth.

Dark Tools for Dark Times – 10AP

This collection requires to gather the five parts of the Palawa Joko staff.

  • Palawa Joko’s Staff Head
    • Earned by completing “A Star to Guide Us” Mastery.
      • Complete 38 achievements
  • Palawa Joko’s Staff Shaft
    • Reward for completing Destroy the Death-Branded Shatterer.
      • “You Can Certainly Try” achievement
  • Palawa Joko’s Staff Pommel
    • Speak with Koss after completing “Full House” achievement.
      • Inside Sun’s Refugee instance
  • Palawa Joko’s Staff Ornament
    • Reward for completing Defeat the Legendary bounty (Wyverns).
      • “Jahai Bounty Hunter” achievement
  • Palawa Joko’s Staff Binding
    • Bought from “Gravedigger” Fim.
      • Soul’s Vendetta Waypoint – [&BIMLAAA=]

Making Cents of Jahai – 10AP

Find all 40 ancient Jahai coins scattered throughout Jahai Bluffs. Check the map below to see all the locations:

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