A Study in Gold Herta Tablets Achievements Guide

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GW2 A Study in Gold achievement guide. This achievement wil give you another Bloodstone Dust consumer like Mawdrey.

How to start

This is an Auric Basin achievement. To do this you must have unlocked Bouncing Mushrooms, Exalted Acceptance (Exalted Lore II) and complete Chapter 8 of Heart of Thorns story. Go to the west gate of Tarir and talk to Sage Laural. He is in a room to the left of the gate inside the city. He will give you an Auric Viewer item. You don’t actually use this item but having this item in your inventory will allow you to interact with the tablets.

Getting Herta

Once you collected the 17 tablets listed below. You unlock the achievement Where Exalted Dare which give you the Herta item. All you need to do is going to Vinetooth Den which you can get by climbing the stairs next to Eastwatch Waypoint and just drop down to the den below.

Once you are in the den, look for Herta’s corpse and this will finish the achievement.


Herta consumes 250 Bloodstone Dust at once and only eat 250 per day. It will give you bag that contains some random item, 10 Lumps of Aurillium and 1 Pile of Exalted Dust. Lump of Aurillium is used for the currency in Auric Basin for purchases from the Exalted vendors but it is unknown what these Exalted Dust are used for.

Collecting Tablets

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