Carrot Collector and Hidden Carrot Hunt Guide

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GW2 Carrot Collector and Hidden Carrot Hunt achievements guide

Carrot Collector

This achievement can be a bit annoying to do as the carrots respawn after a minute or two so you have no way of knowing if you already have that carrot or not.  On top of that, you have the annoying harpies that hits extra hard. If you have the springer mount, you will collect these carrots automatically when you get close.


Tasty Carrots

1. Near the River rapids

2. On the far side of a western rock tower

3. East of a Broken Bridge

4. West of a broke bridge

5. Lying in the shade on an island

6. Up a rock flanked by two rivers

7. Near a natural bridge

8. Along a path between two rock faces

9. Near a natural archway

10. In a grove in the western Uplands

11. Along an eastern Uplands cliff

12. Below the stables

13. Northeast of a riverside butte.

14. At a bend in the river

15. Between two southerly rocks

16. East of a riverside butte

17. Within the stables

This one is right to the waypoint.

18, In a small cave frequented by warthogs

19. At the base of a towering waterfall

20. Among tents staked above the stables

21. Elevated along the northern cliffs

22. Behind blacksmith’s tent

23. Near a small eastern fishing bridge

24. Way up in the northeast

25. Tucked away among crops

Golden Carrots

Most golden carrots are high up on the rock pillars and require a springer to get up.

G1. A golden carrot on a cliff overlooking the stables

G2. A golden carrot looking down on a broken bridge

G3. A golden carrot high up on a riverside butte

G4. A golden carrot by windmill with a view.

G5. A golden carrot on a rock tower near a bridge.

G6. A golden carrot lying a few short steps from mastery.

G7. A golden carrot on the thatched stable roof

G8. A golden carrot at the mouth of a towering waterfall

Hidden Carrot Hunt

This achievement is only unlocked after you completed Carrot Collector achievement. These hidden carrots do not show up as interactables, you have to run them over with your springer.


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