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Last Update: July 2024

The Celestial Herald is a revenant build for WvW roaming that uses the Mallyx and Glint stances to gain as many boons as possible including Protection and Resistance, making it very survivable to play the role of a frontline tank. Rather than avoiding damage, you soak most of it through the Protection boon, Salvation trait damage reduction, and condition transfers.

Revenants can take full advantage of on-swap sigils with legend swaps to get more swap effects than normal. For example, if you swap legend stance after the 9 second internal cooldown is off, then swap weapons, you can trigger 4 swap sigils every 9 seconds allowing you to apply the conditions of Geomancy, Doom, and Hydromancy Sigils (Hydromancy gives Chill which also applies Torment). So always swap legend stance before swapping weapons to get the quadra swap effect. Otherwise you want to land CC combos to make enemies sit in your Mace fire field and because torment deals more damage to enemies who aren’t moving.

Skill Priority/Combos

  • Swap Legend when out of Energy
  • Swap Weapon when out of cooldowns or stay in Sword/Shield for more defense or Mace/Axe for more offense
  • Mace 2 covers the ground with pulsing burning and is low cooldown
  • Mace 3 can blast the Mace 2 fire field for might and give weakness to enemies
  • Axe 4 unblockable advance toward your target if it hits
  • Axe 5 ranged CC

Basic Combo: Mace 5 > Mace 2 > Mallyx Call to Anguish > Mace 3 > Swap Legend/Weapon > Sword 2

This core combo stuns your enemies and pulls them into your Mace 2 to give them further burning damage, then blasts them with conditions from your quadra swap effect. It also allows you to instantly use Sword 2 on them in your fire field which gives even more burning to enemies hit by the whirl finisher. Landing this combo can be very simple for how much burst damage it does, but enemies will often play around it if you become predictable. You can bait dodges with your other skills or even set up the burst using the knockback from the Glint stance Elite.

With Resistance and Resolution from the Mallyx stance you can survive having many conditions on you without cleansing them for a while. After gathering up many conditions you can swap to Glint and cast the Facet of Light’s heal effect to gain plenty of healing, or you can use the F2 activation while in Mallyx to transfer those conditions to nearby enemies, which can be a massive comeback.

  • Sword 2 is a quick attack that applies chill twice, meaning it gives two stacks of torment
  • Sword 3 is an evade to follows a target, allowing you to use it defensively while waiting for your cooldowns or offensively by putting you in melee range to land your quadra swap.
  • Shield 4 gives you Aegis, healing, and Protection.
  • Shield 5 is a block that heals you. You can swap legend stances during this animation pressure enemies preparing to attack you, or to start gaining energy for your next rotation.



ItemStatRune / Sigil

Primary Weapon Set


Secondary Weapon Set







  • Relic: for extra movement speed since this build is otherwise very slow
  • Relic: for more burst potential when using the Mallyx Elite skill
  • Sigil: for more dodges instead of Hydromancy


Mace / AxeHeal / Utility / Elite
Sword / Shield


Build Template

Chat Code: (copy/paste into in-game chat)




  1. This page specifies Celestial mace and axe, but Vallun’s video mentions using Viper’s for mace and axe specifically, due to it being the more damaging weapon combo and being mostly condition damage.

    • That video is old, you can notice by the celestial stats not having expertise and concentration, that was the change later that made celestial overpowered by having all the stats. So with that going full cele gives you more overall.

  2. I’m curious, with all he Cele nerfs, is running celestial still viable? I find this build very squishy lately and am wondering if Trailblazers with Undead Rune might be better to double down on toughness and condition damage? This build relies heavily on regen for healing so it cant outlast power builds. Just my two cents but looking for some input from the creators of the guide and build. Thanks!

    • There’s no cele nerfs, it was actually buffed by adding expertise and concentration on the stats. Being tanky depends on how you mitigate the damage, like evades, blocks, blind, and your own sustain with heals, regen and protection. Cele is already enough tanky. However if you want to change to even more bunker with traiblazer you totally can, but for that you need to change shiro for mallyx, which means giving up all the mobility, it’s your call. To me mobility is VERY important for roaming and cele actually gives good hybrid damage for shiro. If you want to ask more join us on discord!

  3. This should be updated for the brutal, vicious, cruel, unnecessary, and sadistic removal of the legend-swap + swap-sigil interaction. I think the playstyle remains the same, because you want to be using S/S in Shiro and Mace/Axe in Glint, but this was a hefty nerf to the burst, value, and sustain of the build overall.

  4. This really should be bumped up. Between the return of sigil swaps now back on legend swap, torment being buffed, and mace now having an ammo for its blast, this build is really good.

  5. Could you swap the shield for an axe? Btw amazing content, i keep in hoping that you comment your own videos, would be so helpful!

    • The build was changed to its initial form, with a new video you can check out. If you looking for shortbow it is just better to play renegade or even vindicator.

  6. How well does this Build work in Open World, PvE? This is the closest thing I’ve found to what I’m hoping to do with my character.

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