Celestial Renegade Roaming Build

GW2. WvW Build. Celestial Renegade Roaming Build. Revenant World vs World.

Last Update: January 2024

The Celestial Renegade is a revenant WvW build that uses the full potential of the celestial stats. Because revenants have little choice in utilities, but those utilities have high versatility, celestial accentuates every aspect of these skills to achieve great results. This is also another way of saying that just pressing any button will be useful on this build. However, the better skills to use are the stability road Inspiring Reinforcements from Jalis stance, and the dodge stun break Riposting Shadows from Shiro stance. Otherwise, your shortbow skills all do plenty of damage. This is because the Vindication trait will provide plenty of might just by hitting things, boosting your hybrid damage from the shortbow.

Alternatively Ventari can be played instead of Jalis for more group support, however it will lack stun breaks. The Ventari tablet forces you to stay immobile, but the range of shortbow conveniently allows you to stay inside the protection of your tablet which grants healing, lots of cleanses, and projectile block which is very powerful in WvW.

Basic Priority:

Shortbow 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1

Shiro Stance

  • Riposting Shadows for Defense
  • Phase Traversal or Jade Winds for chasing or CC

Jalis Stance

  • Inspiring Reinforcements and stand in the stability road
  • Channel Vengeful Hammers when enemies are in melee range

The mobility of this build depends mostly on Phase Traversal and you will need to find a structure or neutral target to teleport away, though it can be hard to achieve that in some situations. Make sure to use all energy before swapping legends to refill it.



ItemStatRune / Sigil

Primary Weapon Set


Secondary Weapon Set








  • Rune: for extra boon duration
  • Sigil: instead of Doom


ShortbowHeal / Utility / Elite
StaffJalis or Ventari



  • Salvation: if using Ventari

Build Template

Chat Code: (copy/paste into in-game chat)



Full Video Guide Jalis Variant:

Credit to Vallun for the video.

Full Video Guide Ventari Variant:

Credit to Vallun for the video.

Updated Gameplay:


  1. With the October 4th patch intending to make it so you can once again trigger weapon swap sigils when you legend swap, what sigils do you think you’ll use, or keep them the same?

  2. Running the solo build with Adventurer Runes instead of Durability drops the difficulty of this build down to 0% 😀

    • Salvation instead what? Invocation and Retribution gives damage and enough defenses already, you only take Salvation on the ventari variant to help allies. You are celestial and durability thats already over the top of what you need to sustain, if you also take salvation with jalis variant you just become a bunker, very bad choice.

      • Was just seeing people using salvation instead of retribution and was just asking your opinion and you gave it. Thanks for your input.

        • Forget my previous comment, I thought I would let you know the change 😀
          Due to a bug we found with the food, using Salvation is now just better because you won’t need to spend energy to sustain (Steadfast Rejuvenation) and you can just freecast the buffed shortbow. Unyielding Devotion will perma proc even out of combat while you using a food with regen effect, very broken but blame Anet.
          The build was updated just now.

  3. Hi, any other food we could use? Super cake pretty expensive, 16s per piece

  4. Question, would Rune of Fireworks be viable instead of durability or would the bonus be redundant?

    • The main reason to take Fireworks is the movement speed bonus and this build with Invocation trais you have permanent swiftness so it will be a waste.

  5. Quite literally one of the most over powered solo roaming builds I’ve ever had the displeasure of facing against. Incredible boon uptime, sustain, and enough damage to cause problems for most builds.
    One of the few times I actually think a build isn’t just strong, but over powered and in need of a nerf.

  6. What can replace the Holographic super cake ? I think it is more suitable for a Vindicator. By the way, thank you more for the builds, the Vidicator and Renegade are very strong 1 vs 1 and in small groups

  7. Hi
    Is it better or worse to use the great sword instead of the staff with the weapon master training??

    Also, why use salvation instead of retribution if you are not close to any allies.

    Thank you!!

    • Salvation is for self sustain, Staff is better for defensive option, you will be always in Shortbow anyway.

  8. I’m wondering if the Relic of the Midnight King outperforms those listed here as an offensive choice? Seems to synergism well with this build, stacking even more fury on disable and more offensive group support when going with Ventari.

  9. I’ve really been enjoying this build – the only issues I’m running into are, personally I don’t like Shiro. I realize Shiro is amazing but I don’t enjoy the skill set and was curious if you think demon legend would work? would you change any traits, or at this point is it a completely different build?

    • You can take Mallyx, no need to change any trait, you will just give up all the mobility, so it will be harder to survive outnumbered, thats why Shiro is good, ports and evades.

      • Makes sense and I don’t disagree, I just always press the wrong button with shiro – regardless of what build – and his energy costs (especially in wvw) are very high. I assume using the actual renegade legend (blanking on name) isnt worth it since they get hard countered in wvw?

        • Yea Kalla legend is the worst option, just try Mallyx or just move towards celestial vindicator where you can use Alliance Stance which is very OP and also have movement. Celestial Vindicator have less damage than renegade tho.

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