Chaos Staff Mirage PvP Build

GW2. Chaos Staff Mirage PvP Build. Mesmer.

Last Update: December 2023

Condition Variant

The Chaos Staff Mirage is a Duelist mesmer PvP build with the potential for great mobility due to the sword ambush ability, Illusionary Ambush, and Blink to escape from bad matchups and outnumbered situations, or to play as a Roamer. However, most of the damage of this build is designed around fighting 1v1s on nodes with the staff and sword clones constantly pressuring the target with their ambushes due to Infinite Horizon whenever you dodge. Sword clone ambushes will also daze, often triggering interrupts which will add confusion, blind, and reduce your weapon cooldowns.

Basic Combos: Staff 2 > Staff 3 > Staff 5 > Jaunt + Staff 4 + F2/F1

Pistol 4/5 > Sword 3 > Sword 3 > Dodge > Ambush 1 > Jaunt + F2/F1

Use your Staff 2, Sword Ambush, and Blink to rotate around the map creating pressure on multiple objectives while keeping your eye on any objectives your team needs to defend as well. You can hold nodes decently well until allies arrive, but in some matchups you will eventually lose the node due to Distortion losing capture progress.




Alternatively replace Sword with Dagger for more 1v1 pressure at the cost of mobility and clone generation


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Power Variant

The power variant of the Chaos Staff Mirage focuses on boon removal from the dune cloak trait and absorption sigil to counter boon oriented duelists in 1v1 but also to be able to provide great utility in team fights. Not only can it remove boons, but it can grant aegis to nearby allies when it gains distortion, can support a revive well, and can constantly interrupt to lock down enemies.



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  1. shorts the chrono god in my opinion told me mirage is kind of bad is this true?

  2. Can I replace Signet of Illusions with anything? I hate that skill with a passion.

    • But if you want, tou can replace it with mantra of distraction or decoy

  3. I’m hoping for the updated build for the recent chaos traitline changes 🙂

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