Condition Core Engineer PvP Build

GW2. Condition Core Engineer PvP Build. DPS Engineer PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Condition Core Engineer is a hybrid DPS PvP build with plenty of options for every situation due to having three engineering kits in its utilities. This can be a bit hard to develop muscle memory for, but there are only a few specific skills that each kit can use for whatever you are trying to do, and swapping between them will allow you to maintain pressure or to survive by chaining these skills together.

If you want to deal damage, you can start by using the pistol abilities, swap into Grenades, and then before your pistol skills are back off cooldown you can add a little more pressure with the Tool Kit. At any point in time if you need defense you can use Tool Kit 4 or swap to your Shield to block or use the Med Kit to cleanse. The lack of cooldown on swapping between these kits as well as the vast array of tool belt skills allows engineers to be much more versatile than other classes.

Disables will result in many effects due to build choices such as applying poison, cleansing you, and dealing strike damage. Be sure to combine your CC skills with your damaging ones to pressure enemies.

Damage: Pistol 2, Grenade 2/5, Grenade Barrage, Tool Kit 3, Throw Wrench

CC: Pistol 3, Grenade 3/4, Tool Kit 5, Shield 4/5, Elixir X

Heal Combo: Med Kit 5 > 3 > 4 > Shield 4

Your Med Kit tool belt skill (F1) is your main self heal, as it has a very low cooldown and will give you resistance. Swapping into kits will also trigger Streamlined Kits if it is off cooldown which gives swiftness and an effect based on which kit you swap into. Med Kit gives a projectile reflecting aura, Elixir Gun leaves behind a trail of glue that immobilizes enemies who walk over it, and Grenade Kit does some damage around you.

The Elixir X elite skill will either transform you into a Tornado or enter Rampage. While in Tornado you can cast the 5 skill to rush towards the target and knock them all over the place. Pressing 1 makes the tornado pulse more damage and pressing 3 makes it pulse more CC. In Rampage your 2/4/5 skills are CC while the 3/1 deal damage. Also the Elixir X tool belt will transform any hit by the elixir toss into a moa. This is great for interrupting enemies, taking necromancers out of their shroud, or preventing enemies from cleansing your conditions after you apply them.



Pistol / ShieldHeal / Utility / Elite
Grenade KitMed Kit
Tool Kit

CarrionPistol / ShieldEnergy / Cleansing
Demon Queen

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