Condition Soulbeast PvP Build

GW2. Condition Soulbeast PvP Build. Duelist Ranger PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

Trap Poison Variant

The Condition Soulbeast is a tanky Duelist ranger PvP build that pressures enemies over time while having high mobility to control the map and choose its fights. The damage is predictable and avoidable, but the merged abilities can set up combos with CC to land your heavier damage skills.

The trapper variant of the Poison Soulbeast has more on node pressure due to the wide area of effect that the traps create. If enemies want to contest an objective, they need to stand in the damage of the trap. It also uses the many leaps from Sword 2 and merged abilities through the water field created by the Healing Spring to sustain.

Basic Combos:

  • Shortbow 5 > 4 > (Merge with Raven) F1 > Viper’s Nest > F3 > Shortbow 2 > Swap > Dagger 4
  • Sword 2 > 2 > Dagger 4 > Sword 3 > Sword 2

Heal: Healing Spring + Sword 2 + Merged F1



Alpine Wolf


Demon Queen

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Survival Bleed Variant

The bleeding variant does not rely on the Healing Spring to get cleansing, so it can survive outnumbered more easily due to not having to stand still on node. However, it does have Quick Draw for the Torch which can still pressure nodes.

Because Quick Draw reduces the cooldown of your next weapon skill after swapping weapons, prioritize using the Torch 5 and Axe 3 since those are the most effective skills.

Basic Combo:

  • (Merge with Raven) Axe 3 > Dagger 5 > F1 > F3 > 4 > Swap Weapon and to Alpine Wolf Merge
  • Torch 5 > F2 > Sword 2 > 3


Alpine Wolf


SageSword / TorchEnergy/Agony
KraitAxe / DaggerEnergy/Agony

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  1. Really nice build. I’ll create a ranger to teste this. One day i fight against a similar build, but was Druid. He’s using a shortbow and I couldnt kill him.

    Do you have idea what kind fo build hi’s playing? I want to give a shot because the guy dominated the match so hard.

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