Condition Spellbreaker PvP Build

GW2. Condition Spellbreaker PvP Build. Warrior 2022.

The Condition Spellbreaker is a Duelist with constant on point pressure from the longbow burning field. While it struggles to finish kills, it has very high sustain with full counter debilitating all enemies on top of them.

Leaping through the longbow fire field gives Fire Aura, so tend to use the Longbow F1 near the end of your weapon swap. Tend to use Full Counter when in Longbow to reset and get more bursts. Use Signet of Rage to gain might after landing a lot of conditions to finish them, but otherwise keep it for the passive adrenaline.


Banner of Defense > Longbow 5 > 3 > 2 > F1 > Swap > Dagger 2 > 4 > 5 (to block) > 3 > Swap Longbow > 2


30 %

Last Update: November 26


Dagger / SwordHeal / Utility / Elite


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  1. Is there a wvw variant? I’m newish (500) hours in still clueless :> I used an old build from vallun, cele with superior sune of the aristocracy are there better options for wvw? Thanks for the videos :>

  2. Thanks for the content! Can I ask, why dagger and not sword in main hand for a condi build? Is the might and stun better than bleeding, cleave and leap? Thanks again

    • Removing boons is more value, and dagger is godlike for that, Breaching Strike removes 3 and is unblockeable, Disrupting Stab is very good CC that also remove boons because Dispelling Force trait, you also gain Attacker’s Insight, and then double leap which you can combo for Fire Aura.

  3. nice build and gameplay especially for someone who is returning and doesn’t want to pay for the newer builds – would carrion be ok to use instead of rabid? thanks

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