Crystal Oasis Achievements Guide

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A guide to all the achievements on Crystal Oasis map in Path of Fire.

General Achievements

Renowned Adventurer: Crystal Oasis – 12 AP

Complete the four hearts around Crystal Oasis.

Just a Sip– 5 AP, 1 Mastery

This is the chef miningame at Amnoon. Basically you have to listen to what the chef asks and then grab that item and throw at him before the time limit runs out and you fail. It may take a couple attempts, try not to throw the food to him when he is moving as you can miss easily.

A Trip Down Memory Lane – 3 AP, 1 Mastery

At Hatari Tablelands is a mastery minigame with the NPC Pahan. It is basically a set of six orbs, and they light up in specific order. You have to watch the order he lights them up and then repeat it in the same order. There is three rounds of this, with each round being progressively harder.

Reins of the Raptor – 5 AP, 1 Mastery

  • Hastily Written Letter – Given by story.
  • Raptor Treat from Priestess Karima – She is the heart vendor to the east of Amnoon, complete her heart and purchase it from her for karma.
  • Raptor Treat from Priest Hakim – Talk to Priestess Karima and ask her if she has any more errands and she will tell you to deliver supplies to Priest Hakim at Temple of Kormir (the heart vendor). You can’t waypoint so have to carry it in your mount. You have a time limit of 2 minutes, which is fairly lenient.

  • Raptor Treat from Mayor Kabir – Heart vendor at east end of the Map in Destiny’s Gorge. Purchase it from him after completing the heart task.
  • Cook Rehman’s Famous Raptor Treat – After you have obtained all the other treats and only when, talk to Cook Rehman next to Priestess Karima and ask him about raptor treats. He will tell you to hunt some Choyas. Go kill Choya in any area (Mekele Bluffs has a bunch) until you get a Choya Piece to drop. Return to him for the final treat.

Lost Pilgrims – 5 AP, 1 Mastery

This achievement requires a springer with high vault. There are three priest bones on the cliffs near Temple of Kormir (around the griffon roost) which you can reach by using a springer with high vault. To talk to them, you need to bring a vision crystal which are located near each of the corpses (or use the vision crystal used to craft gear by having them in your inventory). Interact with the vision crystal first and then carry it to the bones of each priest nearby for the achievement. Blue stars on the map are vision crystals while red stars are locations of the priest bones.

The easiest order is to do Nahtem first whose bones are near the griffon roost.

Then do Hehmnut which is just a cliff over.

Kahdat can be done last since his bones are on the ground level.

Junkyard Weaponsmith – 1 AP

This achievement is associated with the heart at Destiny’s Gorge. You need to look for glowing objects on the ground (they don’t have names so they can be hard to spot), pick them up, and interact with the appropriate corresponding piece to make three types of makeshift weapons. When you interact with the correct responding component, you will be given the option to make a makeshift weapon. The components do respawn shortly after you have made the weapons. Make the three types of weapons once for the achievement.

  • Branch + Anvil = Makeshift Hammer
  • String + Rusty Saw= Makeshift Bow
  • Metal Scraps + Broke Chair = Makeshift Shield.

Here is a rough map of the various components.

Up in Arms – 3 AP

Same as Junkyard Weaponsmith but this time you have to make the weapons and deposit in the weapon crates that are in the area, Deposit 30 makeshift weapons (any type) to complete the achievement.

Race to the Finish: Crystal Oasis – 1 AP

Participate in the raptor race that starts in Amnoon and and get first, second or third place. Easier to do in an empty map. Raptor racing is a semi regular event that occurs just east of the Amnoon waypoint. You register with the NPC that spawns 5 minutes before the race starts and then race through a course with other players

Road Less Traveled – 5 AP

Priory Historian Elisa is a merchant that moves to a different map every week. This week she is in Crystal Oasis and very easy to find. It is on the rocks just to the right of Temple of Kormir waypoint.

If you are reading the guide after the launch week, then Elisa is probably in another map.


Lore Lost of Crystal Oasis – 3 AP, 1 Mastery

Bleached Bones – 5 AP

Bounties and Adventures

Crystal Oasis Bounty Tour – 8 AP, 1 Mastery

Complete a bounty from the three bounty boards at Amnoon, Kormir Temple and Destiny’s Gorge.

Crystal Oasis Legendary Bounties – 6 AP

Defeat each legendary bounty in Crystal Oasis at least once. Each bounty board has a different legendary bounty. It takes about 30 minutes for a legendary bounty to show up on  the bounty board again after it is killed or despawned.

  • Amnoon – Distraught Choya
  • Kormir Temple – Queen Yidaxu
  • Destiny’s Gorge – Corrupted Facet

Crystal Oasis Champion Bounties – 10 AP

Much like Legendary Bounties, each bounty board has a different set of champion bounties as well. You have to defeat each champion bounty at least once.

  • Amnoon – Braek Baredfang, Zelke the Shameless, Tazula Mindclouder, Forged Maverick, Man-Eater
  • Kormir Temple – Butch, Forged Ambusher, Forged Sorcerer, Forged Punisher, Xedra Tahz Tahom
  • Destiny’s Gorge – Chaotic Leyspark, Uussh Visshta, Scragglebeard, Chief Kronon, Shardcrest

Refugee Supply Run – 3 AP

  • Silver = 1 AP, Gold = 2 AP.

Pretty easy adventure after you know the route. I use the clockwise route and it works fairly well. The video is recorded with just the basic raptor so you shouldn’t have much problem getting gold with canyon jumping on raptor and mounts like the griffon.

Crystal Oasis Griffon Expert – 3 AP

  • Silver = 1 AP, Gold = 2 AP.

Only unlocked after you obtained the griffon mount. The adventure is near Temple of Kormir waypoint on top of a cliff. Getting gold will be much easier once you maxxed out your griffon mastery.

Once you maxed out your griffon mastery, make sure you bind mount ability 1 and mount ability 2. For example I have mine bound as C and V respectively. This allow you to hold C to go down, then hold spacebar for the swoop speed increase from mastery 3 and then hold V to go back up (if you don’t hold down V too much, you can get a lot of speed boost with a bit of altitude loss)

Crystal Oasis Griffon Master – 5 AP

  • Silver = 2 AP, Gold = 3 AP.

Only unlocked once you have obtained all three of the griffon mount masteries. This one is slightly harder to get gold but once you know what to do, there isn’t much variance.

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