Deepstone Fractal Guide

GW2. Deepstone Fractal guide

Deepstone is an adventure into a dwarven ruins. You follow treasure hunters Torin and Kay to see what secrets are hidden.

This fractal has two different paths to start out. Either go left to the Sentinel or right to the Spiders. Go to the other side afterwards.

Sentinel Path

On the left path you will need to cross a puzzle of tiles. The lit up tiles will deal damage and give agony, so you cannot heal to pass this. The damage also cannot be avoided by jumping. Run through the safe tiles as long as you can and then dodge until you find another safe patch. Two people must reach the end and stand on the lit circles to complete the puzzle.

The next room has a boss and a ledge which players can fall off. Periodically there will be an orange circle that will turn into a wind gust. These will pick up party members and drop them off the ledge. Avoid being near the orange circle and use CC to free party members who have been caught. Be careful to not also get caught by the wind gust while freeing someone.

After defeating the sentinel, grab the bundle it drops which will teleport you back to the beginning of the instance. Use the bundle on the large crystal at the start.

Spider Path

The right path is the spider path. Condition cleanse is advised as there will be plenty of poison. You must stand on the two circular buttons near the end of the walkway. There will be gusts of wind that knock you off the platforms. Wait until they subside to pass. These gusts will also cover the platforms, so you will need to keep avoiding them even after you reach the button. Meanwhile spiders will attack your party and deal plenty of damage. It is best to stick together through this. Don’t try to rush ahead and skip as many gusts as you can. Stay back if you are ahead because you can help party members deal with the spiders and you cannot progress without at least another with you.

Once the path has been opened, the Spider Queen must be summoned by killing all of her broodmothers. When she spawns, just stay behind her and use condition cleanses and AoE damage liberally.

Final Path

Once you finish the Spider Queen, take the bundle to the crystal at the beginning. You can now go to the middle path. Kill the Shadow Minotaur and imps to open the door. The Minotaur is immune unless you use the new special action skill you just earned.

In the next room there is a great hole between each side of the room. You must use the special action skill to detect and raise platforms for you to stand on. Try to stagger your use with your party to be quicker. Shades will also attack the party while being limited on space, so sustain and AoE are useful for handling these while also completing the puzzle. You must use the special action skill on all of the orbs in the room. Once all of the orbs are completed, the gap will be filled in with platforms and you can proceed to the elevator.

All you need to do inside the elevator is kill the mobs.

The Voice

The final boss is a disembodied voice that takes over the body of a human. This boss has many ground AoEs that can pressure the party over time but can be avoided by constantly repositioning around the boss. The platforms underneath the boss will also slowly disappear over time. You can see which platforms will disappear soon if they are blinking. Keep using the special action skill off cooldown to prevent falling of the platform. If you fall you will be lifted away by a gust and then brought back to the platform, but it will take you out of the fight for a while. The boss will also teleport away at 80% and 40% and gain a defiance bar. They will be undamageable until the defiance bar is broken because it generates too much barrier.

At around 60% and 20% the boss will become immune and summon spectral flames while channeling an attack. These slow moving flames will move toward the boss in the center of the platform. If they reach the boss it will absorb them, powering up its attack. Keep maintaining the platforms with the special action skill while killing the spectral flames. They can also be pulled together or knocked away from the boss to more easily cleave them before they are absorbed. For every flame that is absorbed, the bosses attack will deal 10% of your party’s health. This means if the boss absorbs 10 flames it will wipe the party.

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