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What Lies Beneath. GW2. End of Dragons. Delve into the Haze Achievements. Gyala Delve Guild Wars 2 Achievements Guide.

Total Achievements: 26 – 68AP

Updated March 14

The Jade Crisis

This is the meta achievement for which you need to complete 18 eligible achievements. The reward for this is a Holo Cape Projector Skin.

Story Completion Achievements

A Raw Deal – 1AP
Journal: A Raw Deal

Complete the story chapter “A Raw Deal”

On the Case – 1AP
Journal: On the Case

Complete the story chapter “On the Case”

Deep Trouble – 1AP
Journal: Deep Trouble

Complete the story chapter “Deep Trouble”

Story Instance Achievements

Pleasant Present – 0AP (Hidden)
Story Instance: A Raw Deal

As soon as you start the story, before meeting Rama, head to your character’s racial city to buy a drink:

  • Human – Maiden’s Whisper – [&BAIBAAA=] in Divinity’s Reach and buy a Bottle of Divinity Reserve from the Bartender
  • Norn – Courage Brewery – [&BHEDAAA=] in Hoelbrak and buy a Cask of Shiverpeak Stout
  • Charr – Serrated Blade Tavern – [&BEIDAAA=] in Black Citadel and buy a Bottle of Ironbrew
  • Asura – The Aquatarium – [&BJwEAAA=] in Rata Sum and buy a Bottle of Peacemaker Pilsner
  • Sylvari Starbower Nursery – [&BHwEAAA=] in The Grove and buy a Jug of Fernhound Mead

Once you have the gift, begin the story instance and you will have the option to give it to him.

Don’t Mind If I Do! – 1AP
Story Instance: A Raw Deal

For this achievement you need to eat each piece of food in the instance, only the food is enough to earn the achievement. Appetizer and Heart-Shaped Sushi.

Party Animal – 0AP (Hidden)
Story Instance: A Raw Deal

Find and interact with the 6 cats inside the instance. There are 3 on the lower floor and 3 on the top floor.

Thorough Investigator – 1AP
Story Instance: On the Case

During this instance you are required to question the Jade Brotherhood members. In order to interact with them to get some answers you will need to give them something, like food, water, a jade block, or other items. You will know what they need by reading the dialogue. For the achievement you need to interact with all of them, which can be continued after the progress bar of the story is filled.

Body-Language Basics – 1AP
Story Instance: On the Case

After saving Chul-Moo return to the initial point where Rama and Gorrik are and interact with the Brotherhood Scrapper on the floor to earn the achievement.

Wanderer Weaving – 1AP
Story Instance: Deep Trouble

Defeat the ravenous wanderer without being hit by haze projectiles too many times.

Whiffing Wanderer – 1AP
Story Instance: Deep Trouble

Defeat the ravenous wanderer without being hit by area attacks too many times.

Avoid the orange attacks on the ground, the orbs around the boss, and the massive attack by taking shelter inside the blue shields. The limit is 10 attacks which leaves room for error, but either way I suggest a ranged build to play safe. Check builds that can perform well HERE.

Map Achievements

Ravenous No Longer – 4AP

Complete the Jade Crisis meta-event 5 times. This event is very straight-forward, it starts with two escorts, players must split with Yao and Rama to assault and retake some bases, eventually defeat some champions during the escorts as well. Finally players can move to the final sector in “The Deep” and engage the final boss. Players must split into three platforms and defeat the bosses before the timer, the bosses have 4 phases each which can be time consuming.

A Breath of Filtered Air – 3AP

For this achievement you are required to complete each phase of the meta-event without being affected by the haze. As long as you always have your Jade Bot Filters up you will be fine. You can refresh them at the Filter-Recharge Stations. The first Grade-A filter will last the longest.

I’m Cutting You Off! – 1AP

Defeat all three Jade Brotherhood lieutenants. You will find two of them during the Yao escort and the other during the Rama escort.

Shots Fired – 1AP

For this achievement you need to defeat 10 sniper mechs using the rifle provided by the Munitions Specialist Airburne. This only happens while the event “Forces are amassing outside of Jadepillar Point base. Thin their numbers” is active. The event seems to spawn only after the base is at least upgraded to level 1 and each 10 minutes until the meta-event reaches the final sector.

Killing these mechs can be hard, they have high health and they shoot back a powerful bullet that can instantly kill you (you can counter this with terrain, projectile reflects, or just dodge). The event seems to end very fast as well with other people participating making it harder to accomplish your kills. Another detail is that the rifle damage scales with your stats so it is recommended to use a power based build for this.

Touching Base – 3AP

Participate in an event during each base upgrade phase. Simply complete events around each base while it is upgrading, any nearby event counts for this.

Cache Grab – 5AP

Open mining caches throughout Gyala Delve. Completing events will grant Jade Miner’s Keycards that you can use to open Mining Caches around the map that will also spawn after completing events. You can buy extra of them in the Keycard Exchange Service NPC with different types of materials. At the end of the meta-event you will find plenty of caches to open.

Agitator Eliminator – 5AP

For this achievement you need to defeat a total of 25 agitators. You can find these events around the map marked with orange swords.

The Deadliest Thing on Two Legs – 3AP

This achievement requires you to complete a total of 6 “Ambush” events around the map. These events have a fixed location and a timer of 15 minutes, check the map below to know where they spawn.

Be aware these events might be hard to solo, these enemies have high health and hybrid damage.

Champions of the Delve – 3AP

After sucesfully completing the meta-event head east towards the Celestial Pool and defeat the 4 champion enemies.

Deadly Delicacies – 1AP

Defeat the Champion Mushroom Queen at Mycelium Colony – [&BJYNAAA=]

There’s Sea Life Down Here? – 0AP (Hidden)

Use your Fishing Rod in a fishing spot at the Celestial Pool – [&BKgNAAA=]

Playing with the Infants – 4AP

Play with all of the shrine guardian infants in Gyala Delve at least once.

This achievement requires you to find 20 Shrine Guardian Infants, which you can find the guide for it below:



Tools of the Luxon Hunters – 10AP

Unlock all of the Luxon Hunter’s weapons. You can obtain these from selectable boxes that can drop from Mining Caches in Gyala Delve or directly purchase them from the Trading Post as well.

Extra Achievements

New Friends, New Adventures – 5AP

Play with all shrine guardian infants in all End of Dragons maps at least once. You must complete all the achievements listed below to earn a Mini Materialized Shrine Guardian Infant.

NOTE: This achievement can be found under the Cantha category.

Ongoing Investigations: The Jade Brotherhood – 1AP

Listen to all of the Jade Brotherhood research consultant’s audio logs. Interact with the 10 Audio Logs around the map, check the map below for the locations.

Sleuthing a Solution – 1AP

Listen to all of Gorrik’s journal entries. Interact with Gorrik’s Research Journal at Excavation Yard.

NOTE: It might be necessary to complete the meta-event before having the option to interact.

NOTE: It seems that each entry will be added weekly.


  1. It seems that ‘I’m Cutting You Off!’ may be a bit more complicated than simply killing all three bosses. It seems to only award progress if you kill the boss after completing all three optional objectives (killing the Channelers and Focuses).

  2. Thank you for all of this.

    I have a question about Deadly Delicacies, if anyone knows. In the screenshot above, it appears as though at least one of the champions below had been killed before. I went there today (alone, sadly) after the meta was completed while everyone went off to kill the other champs. I think they managed to kill 2 before time ran out.

    Does the Mushroom Queen only spawn ‘after’ the other champs have all been killed after the meta? So the only way to get this done would be in a pretty fast meta?

    • Yes I think the mushroom queen spawns after all champions are killed, I am not sure but thats what happened when I was there

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