Echoes of the Past Achievements Guide

GW2. A complete achievement guide of the Living World Season 2 Episode 5 “Echoes of the Past”.

Echoes of the Past (Story Journal)

Total achievements: 9 – 75AP

“Echoes of the Past” Mastery – 5AP – 1MP

This is the meta achievement for which you need to complete all 7 eligible achievements. The rewards for this are 5AP, 1 Mastery Point and the Caithe’s Blossom Ascended Amulet with Sinister’s stats.

Story Completion Achievements – 0AP – 1MP

Echoes of the Past – 0AP – 1MP
Journal: “Echoes of the Past” Completed

Once you complete the story episode, you will earn this achievement and unlock all the rest of the achievements, you can replay the episode and you will see Purple markers to replay each instance necessary for achievements. In other words you can’t earn any achievements during your first playthrough.

Story Instance Achievements – 70AP

Recon Demolitionist – 5AP
Story Instance: Caithe’s Reconnaissance Squad

You need to mine all 10 corpses around the instance, they will show on the map with a Wrench orange icon so you won’t miss any of them. You can mine all 10, get the achievement then relog to start the instance again, in order to complete the other achievement “No Thanks to Canach” because they are mutually exclusive.

No Thanks to Canach – 5AP
Story Instance: Caithe’s Reconnaissance Squad

This achievement is the opposite of “Recon Demolitionist”. You need to complete the instance without mining any corpses. Simply don’t interact with them and you will get the achievement at the end of the instance.

Not Under My Command – 5AP
Story Instance: Caithe’s Reconnaissance Squad

For this achievement you need to avoid any allied NPC from dying until you find Caithe. Simply reach Caithe with the Vigil Marksman and the Vigil Crusader NPCs alive and you will get the achievement at the end of the instance. Once you find Caithe it doesn’t matter anymore if the NPCs die. The easy way to do this is by luring the enemies into the mines on the corpses, don’t let the NPCs engage the wolves or they will die very quickly.

Strength Without Sacrifice – 10AP
Story Instance: Hidden Arcana

To earn this achievement you need to defeat the Facet of Strength without being stunned or pulled. The pulls happen when you are attacking from distance, the Facet will raise its arm and you need to dodge the animation, but the stuns happen when you attack at melee and they are way more simple to avoid, you will see an orange circle that you can easily avoid by just moving around. So it’s recommended that you stick to melee for this fight while running around the Facet.

Better Red Than Dead – 15AP
Story Instance: Hidden Arcana

For this achievement, you need to defeat the Facet of Light ONLY using red attunement. To get it you need to kill the Summoned Facet when it is coming out from the red crystal. If the Summoned Facet is coming out from another crystal or you aren’t sure, just wait until its shield runs out and it will be teleported randomly to another crystal. If it’s red, then kill it for the attunement and proceed to damage the Facet of Light.

Exposed Weaknesses – 10AP
Story Instance: Hidden Arcana

You will earn this achievement if you defeat the Facet of Darkness in 15 seconds within the first crystal being destroyed. The achievement says 75% to 0% but to avoid problems you should do it 100% to 0%. Each crystal destroyed will remove a percentage of boss health. You must pick up the “Fragility” debuff (puts your health to 1) that the boss drops on the ground and stand inside a crystal to transfer that debuff to the crystal which will allow you to kill the crystal which will damage the boss.

To achieve this, give all 8 Vortex Crystals the debuff over time without destroying any of them. When the Facet of Darkness does its massive AoE attack and you get the debuff, then run towards a crystal and it will steal the debuff from you. Repeat for all the crystals. Then destroy them all as fast as you can when all of them have a debuff. If you do it under 15 seconds you will get the achievement.

Exposed Weaknesses: Redux – 20AP
Story Instance: Hidden Arcana

Defeat the Malevolent Memory without transferring any boons to Vortex Crystals. Using the same logic as the previous achievement, when you run towards a crystal you can transfer the “Fragility” debuff but not any other boon. Remember if the Vortex Crystal is under a color attunement you must first kill a Summoned Facet to get the attunement, if the Vortex is somewhere else you can just walk towards it with the debuff. You can achieve this by changing your gear/traits to use no boons or simply don’t go near a crystal while you have boons.

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