Elon Riverlands Achievement Guide

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A guide to all the achievements in Elon Riverlands in Path of Fire.

General Achievements

Renowned Adventurer: Elon Riverlands – 12 AP

There are six hearts on this map and you need to complete them at least once for the achievement.

Skimmer Search – 5 AP, 1 Mastery Point

  • Missive for Ebele – Given by Skimmer Trainer Ardra after completing her heart and obtaining your skimmer mount.
  • Instruction for Defectors – Talk to Ardra after completing her heart to get a letter from her and then go to Ebele, the heart NPC by Arid Gladefields to deliver it and get the item.

Skimmer Treat from Harun – Talk to Harun first about Ebele’s instructions and he will tell you to get medical supplies from a bat cave north of here. Drop down into the cave at the marked location on the map and find the medical supplies before returning to Harun for the treat.

Skimmer Treat from Ghada – Talk to Ghada west of Prophet’s Path and she will ask you to look for water. You can find waster next to a water djinn just north of it here. Grab it and return to Ghada for the treat.

Skimmer Treat from Majid  – Just talk to Majid about Ebele’s instructions and he will hand over the treat.

Skimmer Treat from Basma – Same with Majid, find Basma and talk to him about Ebele’s instructions to complete the achievement.

Equipment Tracker – 5 AP, 1 Mastery Point

Find and return Master Sergeant Shadi’s lost equipment.

Talk to Master Sergeant Shadi to start the achievement. She is located on the NW corner of the Elon Riverlands.

Shadi’s Sword – Near Shadi, kill the Veteran Water Djinn to get the sword.

Shadi’s Helm – Interact with the Pile of Equipment inside the Branded cave.

Shadi’s Gloves – Interact with the Pile of Leaves on top of this rock pillar in Skimshallow Cove

Shadi’s Boots – Talk to Veteran Chikkak and then attack him to make him drop the boots

Shadi’s Armor – Near the Skimmer Ranch in the quicksand is a small cave. Interact with the Hermit’s chest at the back for the armor.

Go back to Shadi to finish up the collection

Descension – 3 AP, 1 Mastery Point

You will need Jackal Shifting Sands mastery to access this one. It is inside a cave only reachable by sand portal.Second Spear Binah is a bit tough to solo so it helps to have another player at least.

Mysteries of the Exalted – 3 AP, 1 Mastery Point

This Exalted puzzle is in the skimmer cave used to get to the lost city. Drop via this hole on the map and right before you drop down to the lost city you will see a room with a bunch of exalted pylons.The goal here is to lit all the pylons up so you can read the exalted tablet in the middle. Each pylon turn on/off the other pylons. Play with the pylons until you get all of them to lit up.

Elon River Dive Master – 5 AP

Using the dive goggles at the following lcoations

1. Skimshallow Cove Point

Next to the mastery insight

2. Overlooking Palawa’s Grace

Top of the tower, right next to the vista.

3. Southern Vulture Drifts Spire

Defector Protector– 3 AP

There is an event that starts at Arid Gladefields where Jingo asks for your help in escorting Defectors to the camp up north. By default Jingo only comes with 2 Defectors. To get 10 Defectors, you need to talk to Restless Exiles in the camp before staring the Jingo event and pick the option to let them leave with Jingo. You can check Jingo’s buffbar to see how many defectors are leaving with her. Once that number reaches 10, you can talk to Jingo and start the event.

If you done this event successfully and escorted all 10 defectors without any of them dying, you will get this achievement.

Flowers for Jingo – 5 AP

Talk to Jingo in Arid Gladefields. Pick the option, I have courage, for I travel in shadow, and she will talk to you about her son. Keep going until you get the credit for the first step in the achievement.

Talk to her son Wazzir next up on the road and pick the option I met her. She’s brave, to put herself in harm’s way for your people and then She asked me to give you her love. She just wants to know you’re safe. This will give you another tick of the achievement.

Go back to Jingo and says you have met her son Wazzir. Pick the option How can I help your family and she will tell you to come with her next time she is escorting defectors to the camp up north. Basically do her escort event and at the end event she will run up to Wazzir and the two of them will talk. Be there for the achievement tick.

Go back to Jingo again and says you heard her talking to Wazzir about his father, and Jingo will tell you to look for a grave at Exile’s Rest. Go to Exile’s Rest and look for Iweh’s grave. Pay respects for the next tick of the achievement. Also pick the option to Look Closer and it will say some plantings were torn up here recently.

Go back to Jingo, tell her about the missing flowers. Then go back to the gravesite. Now look north for an Awakened Exile pathing around. He doesn’t stay in one spot and roams around so it may take a bit to find him.

Defeat the Awakened Exile, talk to him for the next tick of the achievement. Talk to him again about giving flowers to Jingo.

Go back to Jingo and give her the flowers to finish the achievement.

Prison Breaker – 5 AP

During the Warden Jabari event to free Emara around The Deadhouse, there are optional prison doors you can break to free four additional villagers. Doing so will earn you the Prison Breaker achievement once you defeated Warden Jabari and rescued Emara.

Frequent Forgotten Teleporter – 3 AP

For this achievement you have to locate all 7 Forgotten teleports. How they work is that when you stand on them, a memory sequence starts and each stone lit up in a certain order. Once the sequence is finished, you have to repeat the order by interacting with the stone in the same order to activate the teleporter. Go though the teleporter for the achievement credit.

Augury Rock

Only accessible when the meta event The Path to Ascension progresses to the stage where you need to use the teleporter and defeat Branded Josso Essher. Unlike other teleporters, you don’t need to do a memory game for this one and can access it right away.

Vulture Drifts Westbound/Eastbound

This is a pair of teleporters that teleport you to each other.

Ustulate Barrens South/Northbound

This is another pair of teleporters that teleport you to each other.

Whispering Grotto

This forgotten teleporter is deep inside a cave occupied by corsairs. The cave entrance is marked on the map. Teleport is at the end of the cave.

The Quickmire

This teleport is also in a cave with the entrance being the bones of a dragon head.

Race to the Finish: Elon Riverlands – 1 AP

Race starts just south of Olishar’s Oasis Camp waypoint. Should be easier to get top 3 places due to lack of players participating in these races.

Augury Rock Achievements

The meta event associated with Augury Rock has a number of achievements so it is best to list them all in their individual section here.

The meta starts at Angury’s Shadow Waypoint with Follower Kaidenna.

Help Kaidenna acquire Forgotten Magic –> (Stop the Branded attacking the camp) –> Help Kaidenna bring Forgotten magics to the Augury teleporter –> Defeat Branded Josso Essher in the Ascension Chamber –> Augury Rock Opens –> Augury Rock Closes –> Disperse the wild magic that escaped from Augury Rock –> Crazed doppelganger

Blood and Sand – 2 AP

Mazomba is an elite shark during the escort event Help Kaidenna bring Forgotten magics to the Augury teleporter. It spawns on the3 location marked on the map when Kaidenna is near the area and has fairly low HP so it can die pretty fast if you have a large number of players escorting her.

Augury Ascended – 5 AP

For this achievement you have climb to the top of Augury Rock which is pretty easy since you will do it anyways for Flameseeker Prophecies as some of the later verses spawns Forgotten Lights that are on the same platform as the one needed for the achievement. There is a lost chest and some djinns up here.

Flameseeker Prophecies – 10 AP

For this achievement you have to decrypt and read the verses of Flameseeker Prophecies within Augury Rock. This is only doable when Augury Rock is open. How this works is that each time you interact with a verse, it sends out four Forgotten Lights out that you can to find within 3 minutes and return to the verse to decrypt it. There are 15 verses but three scrolls so you have to do this for each verse three times to get the completion for scroll 1, 2, and 3 for each verse (however, you can only do scroll 2 verses after you have done entire scroll 1 etc).

  • Verse 1-9 – Found on the ground floor
  • Verse 10-15 – Found on the climb up, there is a cave opening above the ghost cave, take a right turn and it will lead you to the top.
  • Lost Verse – This is just doing verse 15 the third time.

it takes a while to read all the verses and Augury Rock stay open only for 20 minutes so this can be an annoying achievement that takes multiple tries to complete.

Ghostly Trio – 3 AP

This is an encounter that spawns immediately after Augury Rock is closed due to branded energy barrier (spawns same time as the Disperse the wild magic that escaped from Augury Rock event). Three ghostly heroes will depart from the entrance of Augury Rock and take a very long journey across Elon Riverlands to Throne of Pellentia hero challenge in the SW corner of the map. Along the way, they will drop Visages of Pellentia in order from 1 to 10. You must collect all 10 of these visages in order by following the three heroes all the way from Augury Rock (if you are late to the encounter you can still do it by catching up and collecting all the visages along the way). Once you have collected all 10 visages, you can speak with Turai Ossa at the hero challenge and obtain the Ghostly Trio achievement.

Doppel Dropper – 10 AP

After Dispersing the wild magic that escaped from Augury Rock, there will be an event where a crazed doppelganger is chasing a random player in the map. The dopperganger will clone the player’s appearance and abilities and you have to defeat it. Completing this final step of the meta event will grant you this 10 AP achievement.

This event can happen anywhere in the map, so just look or a red event circle on the map.

Imposter Syndrome – 5 AP

If you are the lucky player picked to be the legendary doppelganger, you can get this achievement for defeating yourself. Only works if you get cloned as the legendary doppelganger, elites and other kinds of doppelgangers don’t count.


Magic Hunter – 5 AP 1, Mastery Point

Forgotten Debris – 5 AP

Lost Lore of Elon Riverlands – 3 AP, 1 Mastery Point

Bounty and Adventures

Elon Riverlands Bounty Tour – 4 AP

Unlike the previous maps, there are only two bounty boards on this map. Complete a bounty from each bounty board for the achievement.

  • Augury Bounty Board
  • Olishar’s Camp Bounty Board

Elon Riverlands Legendary Bounties– 5 AP

Zehlon Ossa is a legendary bounty from Angury Bounty Board while Xoul Igra Zhoss is a bounty from the Olishar’s Camp bounty board.

Elon Riverlands Champion Bounties – 5 AP

Much like other maps, each bounty board has a select of bounties.

  • Olishar’s Camp Bounty Board – Shoot of Stormbringer, Scourge of the Sands, First Mate Pekknik, Awakened Stray, Matriarch Talonslayer
  • Angury Bounty Board – Morg, Adal, Unyielding Fragment, Brandclaw, Tohg Atta Awoth, Dorrik the Wanderer

Skimshallow Cove Supply Run– 3 AP

This adventure is disabled now due to some glitches. Will update with a video/map once it is fixed.

Elon Riverlands Griffon Expert – 3 AP

  • Silver = 1 AP, 1 Gold = 2 AP

The expert courses are usually fairly easy and lenient on time to get gold.

Elon Riverlands Griffon Master – 5 AP

  • Silver = 2 AP, Gold = 3 AP

This master course is slightly more difficult due to the tendency to hit trees along the way and the last stretch requires some fast maneuvering.

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