End of Dragons Act 1 Story Achievements Guide

GW2. End of Dragons. Story Achievements Act 1. Guild Wars 2 Achievements Guide.

End of Dragons: Act 1 Mastery – 15AP – 1MP

This is the meta-achievement, you need to complete 18 of 19 eligible achievements.

Story Completion Achievements – 4AP – 4MP

Old Friends – 1AP – 1MP

Complete the story instance “Old Friends”

Outreach – 1AP – 1MP

Complete the story instance “Outreach”

Your Kind of People – 1AP – 1MP

Complete the story instance “Your Kind of People”

Can’t Trust a Pirate – 1AP – 1MP

Complete the story instance “Can’t Trust a Pirate”

Story Instance Achievements – 17AP


Good to See You – 2AP

At the very beginning, we will meet with Aurene and the others at the Eye of the North and as optional goal “Catch up with the rest of Dragon’s Watch”. To earn this achievement you need to interact with all the members and with every dialogue option. You can find all the NPCs that will count with the dialogue icon on the map (the green star inside the chat bubble) and some of them will have up to three dialogue options.

Old Friends

For Lion’s Arch – 1AP

During the airships battle you need to kill every Aetherblade enemy in the instance with a total of 43 enemies. You can track the number by the achievement icon. Take your time and try to not miss anything when you leap to the moving platforms to progress.

This Isn’t Cannon – 1AP

Don’t get hit by any cannon nor the laser spining traps. Be careful mostly with the canons from the ship but also be ready to react when the Aetherblade Cannoners show up.

Think Before You Leap – 1AP

You can only use the special skill Prismatic Leap a maximum of 9 times. Make sure to not fall and just jump down when the distance is not too far, you should be able to complete it using 8 leaps. If you want to see how it is done check the following video.

Dear Diary – 1AP

As soon you wake up in the detention facility, you will see a journal on the bench, interact with it to earn the achievement.

The Great Escape – 1AP

For this achievement you need to perform a sequence of interactions to escape your cell before Gorrik finishes his speech, so you need to be fast.

  1. Interact with the Rubble
  2. Take a large rock
  3. Interact with the Worn Bench
  4. Smack it with your rock
  5. Pick up the Plank
  6. Interact with Keys (hanging)
  7. Poke it with your stick
  8. Interact with Keys (ground)
  9. Pull them in with the stick
  10. Interact with Bandages
  11. Take a roll
  12. Interact with Food
  13. Soak the bandages
  14. Interact with Keys (ground)
  15. Try to snag them on the bandages
  16. Try to pull the keys with the bandages
  17. Interact with Cell Door
  18. Try the actual key


Mantis Pose – 1AP

Interact with Gorrik on the Obstable Course – [&BD4NAAA=] in the Training Grounds. You need to complete the Gliding tutorial to reach him. (You need to do this before meeting with Kasmeer)

All Due Respect – 1AP

During the meeting with the Empress copy Kasmeer’s actions. First you need to do /bow emote, then /kneel. You have a few seconds to do it right after her or the achievement will fail.

Your Kind of People

Bloodhound – 3AP

To progress this step you will be asked to find some leads by interacting with files and recordings, and as optional task you can interact with all the leads available. For this achievement you need to interact with all 8 Log Boxes around the ship and all 8 Files in Rama’s office. Finding them is very easy as they will have the green story icon.

Can’t Trust a Pirate

Can Never Be Too Careful – 1AP (Hidden)

Once in the cave, Gorrik will give you a special skill to investigate, use the skill on him to earn this hidden achievement.

Tagging the Tag – 1AP

Right after getting the hidden achievement (Can Never Be Too Careful), use the special skill on the Aetherblade mark in the wall before your allies find out about it. Check the video below for both achievements.

A Combo of One – 1AP

Once you find the wall to the Aetherblade Hideout, a new special skill is given to you, which makes Marjory assist you with a combo field that will be necessary to overcome the obstacles. To earn this achievement you can’t use the special skill at all. You will need to perform combo finishers by yourself so make sure you have a proper build for this. A basic combo field + projectile should be easy and enough. You will need to use the combo on the wall at the start and later during the fight against Ivan to remove his holo shield.

Log Date 1331 – 1AP

Find the abandoned recording device. At the south on the map location:

Intervention – 1AP

Complete the fight against Mai Trin in under 7 minutes.

Derring-Do – 1AP

Complete the fight against Mai Trin without being downed. This achievement is very easy as long you are using a good build, and maybe using ranged builds is even easier. You take most of the damage from the red orbs. Pay attention to the three circles mechanic near the end that can take 80% of your health. Stand inside the circles for that.


End of Dragons Act 2 Story Achievements Guide


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  2. Thanks much for the guide! Fyi, Invervention is misspelled, should be Intervention

  3. For Intervention and Derring-Do, don’t interact with Aurenes empowerment, it disqualifies you for the achievements.

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