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Profession Balance Update

27 June, 2023 All day

As for the balance update, here’s what we’re looking to address:

  • Improving the feeling of moment-to-moment gameplay for many boon support builds. We want these builds to have more flexibility in their utility skill choice, and not be required to press a particular utility type on cooldown to provide quickness or alacrity.
  • Introducing alternate playstyles for some specializations, including quickness-support deadeye and damage builds for druid and tempest.
  • Tuning up some underutilized weapons and solidifying their roles within their professions. For example, we’re looking at further defining ranger sword as a mobile, power damage weapon.
  • Removing additional skill-type-specific recharge-reduction traits and rolling the reduction into baseline skills where it makes sense to do so. The goal of these changes is to give players more interesting trait options to choose from.

We’re excited to see what new builds get unearthed after the update goes live!

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