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PvP League Season 28 and Weeklong Bonus

3 August, 2021 10 August, 2021

On August 3 for an entire week, the Call of the Mists buff will be active during the first week of the Ranked Season 28. Don’t miss this chance to boost your ranks and get extra loot while having fun on the mists. If you want to know more check out here the PvP Beginners Guide and prepare yourself with some of the Easy to Play PvP Builds to maximize your fun. Of course don’t forget you can also work towards the PvP Legendary Armor!


Prepare for battle! Call of the Mists will be active during the first week of Season 28, granting a 15% bonus to PvP rank point gain, a 25% bonus to reward-track progress, and a 200% magic find bonus.


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