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Skills and Balance Update

11 May, 2021 All day

On May 11 we are getting a big balance patch with some interesting changes, most of the changes are focused to the PvE experience, but since some are general changes, PvP and WvW are getting some as well. Retaliation boon will be replaced by a new boon called Resolution, Resistance boon is changing its functionality and Torment condition will change their active damage factor to enemies who aren’t moving. Some other important changes are Celestial stats adding Expertise and Concentration and more, you can check here the Patch Notes Preview to know all the upcoming details.


We’ve taken an in-depth look at the current state of play across the entire game. This update includes changes to boons and conditions (spoiler: retaliation, resistance, and torment), making sure professions can take advantage of the changes, and increasing the viability of several underused elite specializations. We’ll be back with a full breakdown of the changes on April 29.

We’ll continue to monitor game balance and play rates for all professions and elite specializations and release additional balance updates as needed before Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons.


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