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World vs. World Rewards Update

6 June, 2023 All day

As part of our focus on core game modes, we’ll be releasing another round of World vs. World improvements, including the addition of a new infusion and weapon set and new ways to spend your unused Skirmish Claim Tickets and Emblems of the Avenger.

An account-bound version of the infusion can be purchased after completing an achievement in World vs. World. Keep lords will also have a chance to drop a tradeable version of the infusion when defeated. RIP, keep lords.

In the future…

The team has continued to mercilessly hammer code into compliance in preparation for the next phase of World Restructuring—the introduction of alliances. That work breaks down into three main categories: 1) wrapping up the server plumbing needed to support alliances (client data management, to be specific), 2) implementing the first pass of the alliance management interface, and 3) fixing bugs related to matchmaking, team assignments, and WvW queues.

We’re targeting early to mid-summer to run the first World Restructuring beta with alliances. Functionality will be straightforward, but it should give guilds and alliances everything they need to manage their communities: creating alliances, inviting guilds, kicking guilds, and leaving. All players that have selected a battle guild in an alliance will be placed on a team together after the World Restructuring event.

Prior to that, we plan to run one more World Restructuring test without alliances so we can test recent fixes to matchmaking, team assignments, queues, and some backend work we’ve done to support the alliances feature. This will be our first multiweek World Restructuring beta test, meaning that we’ll also be able to verify that teams are properly moving into different matchups and tiers using the one-up, one-down system. We’ll follow up with a date for this test once it’s been confirmed.

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