Fire Weaver PvP Build

GW2. Fire Weaver PvP Build. Elementalist 2023.

The Fire Weaver is a durable Duelist which pulses burning over time to slowly tax their enemies of resources, until they can land their pyro vortex combo. Swapping into fire attunement is generally the most value, so alternating between fire and any other attunement works well. They gain plenty of sustain and condition cleanse from fire attunement and aura transmutation of the Fire focus 5 skill, but they suffer against high burst damage or stun lock.

Basic Damage Combo: Air 2 > Swap Fire > Fire 2 > Air 5 > Air/Fire 3 > Swap Earth > Earth 2

Basic Heal Combo: Swap Water > Dodge > any Dual 3 skill > Water 2 > Swap Earth > Dodge into water field > Earth 2



Last Update: April 2023


Sword / FocusHeal / Utility / Elite
Dual Attacks
(Weapon Skill #3)
Fire + Water:
Fire + Air:
Fire + Earth:
Water + Air:
Water + Earth:
Air + Earth:


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