Gates of Maguuma Achievements Guide

GW2. A complete achievement guide of the Living World Season 2 Episode 1 “Gates of Maguuma”.

Gates of Maguuma (Story Journal)

Total achievements: 11 – 38AP

“Gates of Maguuma” Mastery – 5AP – 1MP

This is the meta achievement for which you need to complete all 9 eligible achievements. The rewards for this are 5AP, 1 Mastery Point and the Forgotten Band Ascended Ring with Nomad’s stats.

Story Completion Achievements – 0AP – 1MP

Gates of Maguuma – 0AP – 1MP
Journal: “Gates of Maguuma” Completed

Once you complete the story episode, you will earn this achievement and unlock all the rest of the achievements, you can replay the episode and you will see Purple markers to replay each instance necessary for achievements. In other words you can’t earn any achievements during your first playthrough.

Story Instance Achievements – 33AP

No One Left Behind – 5AP
Story Instance: Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands

For this achievement you need to defend two Seraph workers while they are building barricades, you will easily notice them because these NPCs have an orange shield icon. They will first build in the northern pass, then in the eastern pass. Simply kill the enemies before they reach them.

No Shocks Here – 5AP
Story Instance: Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands

During the fight with the Veteran Experimental Mark I Golem, it will drop a static field around itself and start spinning, shooting some bolts in all directions. You need to avoid getting hit by any of these, by staying at range you will easily complete this.

A Shocking Development – 5AP
Story Instance: Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands

During the fight with the Veteran Golem, there will be small Mark I Golemites, and for this achievement you need to use them against it. When the static field is down and the Golem shoots bolts, these can hit the Golemites and they will receive an electric charge. When the Golem uses its skill Repairing, it will absorb the minion charges around it, and after a certain number of stacks, it will be stunned, and you will get the achievement. You can lure the minions or use pulls to get them in range of the Veteran, but getting close to the boss may make it harder to do the other achievement.

There was a trick if you stay at max range and avoid the minions aggro, so they will always stay close the Golem and get charges to stun him, however this might not work anymore or might not be suitable for your class to achieve.

No Rock Unturned – 1AP
Story Instance: Fallen Hopes

You need to destroy four Inquest Survey Equipments around the instance, it’s easier to destroy them with range attacks but it’s possible to destroy them in melee as well.

The first equipment can be found right after you are given the Lightning leap crystal and cross the bridge, go to the left and you will find it, you can hit it from range or if you need to go melee, just jump down right after, and Kasmeer will port you up:

The second equipment can be found in the wreckage structure behind the dead Zephyrite Honor Guard:

The third and fourth equipments can be found right after you defeat the Veteran Dust Mite, go to the left and a bit below you find one, then continue the path and you will see the other at the right side:

Zephyr’s Ascent – 1AP
Story Instance: Fallen Hopes

This achievement requires you to complete the jumping puzzle inside the instance, without using any aspects. Watch the video on the Zephyr’s Leap achievement to complete both at the same time.

Zephyr’s Leap – 1AP
Story Instance: Fallen Hopes

Once you reach to the top of the jumping puzzle you need to jump down and land in a pile of hay, check out this video guide to see how to climb and where to land for both achievements:

Credit to TiffyMissWiffy for the video.

Opportune Moment – 5AP
Story Instance: Cornered

Between the first and second fight against Aerin, when Taimi is clearing the path so you can chase Aerin, after the second time she clears the vines, a group of enemies will spawn, as soon you kill them, a lightning crystal spawns behind one rock for a few seconds, you need to grab it and leap across, attack Aerin to get this achievement. This happens right before Marjory creates the bone bridge to cross.

Explosive Avoidance – 5AP
Story Instance: Cornered

For this achievement, you need to avoid being hit by any explosion from Aerin, shown by the orange circles. You can dodge them. However, during the final fight you will also need to keep attacking Aerin to meet the requirement for this achievement. It will show in your buff bar “Achievement: Player Hit Saboteur Aerin”, so basically keep attacking him while avoiding the orange circles, which means this achievement conflicts with Dashed Advantage.

Dashed Advantage – 5AP
Story Instance: Cornered

To earn this achievement you need to access a hidden area during the final fight. You need a Sun Aspect for this. Get Aerin to 50% health and he will activate his protection making the Sun Aspect appear. Grab an Air Aspect and jump the two platforms in the north-east corner, near the falling sand, once there follow the path and use your Sun Aspect to go through the wall, there you will find a golem and a few Inquest that you have to kill fast before they run behind the protective wall.

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