Gemstore Update – October 4

GW2. New Items at Guild Wars 2 Gemstore – October 4 Gemstore Update.

Umbral Serpent Backpack and Glider Combo – 600 Gems

Auspicious Pixiu Skyscale Skin – 1600 Gems


New Kaineng Weapon Skins (Black Lion Claim Ticket)

Playful Ghost Jade Bot (Black Lion Chest)

Candlewick Sprite Jade Bot (Black Lion Chest)

Preview Chat Code:

[&AgFCggEA] - [&AgG9ggEA]

New Discounts

  • Returning Today
    • 20% Off (For 2 weeks)
  • Later This Week
    • 20% Off

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One Comment

  1. Love the ghost jade bot. I think I like it a little more than my candlewick.
    I find the umbral serpent a bit too stiff. the backpack is ok. The pixiu funny look takes a bit of getting used to. As for the new kaineng weapon set, it looks great on your choice of costume, Nice looking weapons but the design is not very coherent as a set.

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