Grenade Scrapper PvP Build

GW2. Grenade Scrapper PvP Build. Engineer 2023.

The Grenade Scrapper is a DPS/Roamer engineer build with high burst potential and CC which can overlap and overwhelm enemies before they can counter pressure. The damage dealt converts to barrier, so this build gets its sustain from doing massive damage in large fights where they can hit multiple targets with as many damage modifiers as possible, but is not as effective in small scale where they can be countered more easily.

Make sure to enable the “Instant Ground Targeting” and “Enable Skill Retargeting” options to more easily land your Grenades.

Function Gyro can be saved for reviving or stomping players, or it can be used liberally to output more damage.

Basic Burst:

  • When ready to engage Use Sneak Gyro to hide animations
  • Precast Shredder Gyro and Blast Gyro
  • Hammer 5 or 3 to get in Melee Range
  • Grenade Barrage > Hammer 2 > Grenade 2

If you want to finish off enemies you can chase with Grenades or Hammer 3 which can also be used inside your Medic Gyro to keep up your sustain. Otherwise keep a safe distance with Grenades until your Gyros are off cooldown to reengage. Be careful because this build only has 1 stun break from the tool belt ability of the Blast Gyro, and no stability. Staying with support is advised.



Last Update: March 2023


HammerHeal / Utility / Elite
Grenade Kit


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  1. Object in motion really not great unless you’re taking streamlined kits, you’re basically getting 5% more damage most of the time. Generally you want expert examination, and then you come out of stealth with blast gyro and lightning field instantly giving you about 20 vulnerability stacks and 30% dmg increase from shaped charge

    • The superspeed 5% dmg is going to always be there, the vulnerability is only on 2 skills and it can be cleansed. While the vulnerability does more in the ideal situation, the superspeed damage buff gives more flexibility on changing targets and if you end up missing your burst, and you can still get swiftness from your allies or blasting lightning fields which would give the same damage

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