Fractal Builds

GW2. Fractal Builds for Guild Wars 2 PvE Endgame.

This is a list of the most viable and accessible builds for PvE Endgame. While Fractals are only 5 player content, Strike Missions and Raids often overlap because their 10-player comps are just doubling a 5 player comp. These builds are often designed for team play and coordination rather than selfish survival or pure DPS. Due to Fractals being more like Dungeons, versatility, burst damage, and multi-targeting will be much more valuable; so some builds that are good in Raids are just too slow to be recommended for Fractals.

There are two main Roles that builds can fill in Fractals because there is no toughness tanking mechanic:

  • DPS – Focus on dealing damage and surviving with their aggressive set up.
  • Support – Keep their party alive with healing and provide boons.
  • Recommended for Beginners

The two most powerful boons to share to your party are Alacrity and Quickness, so builds that can provide permanent uptime of these boons to a 5-player group will also have these icons next to them.

📣 Recommendations for New Players:

Last Update: July 2024

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📣 Questions and Discussion

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