Mount Guides

GW2. Mount Guides. Complete guides to unlock every single mount in Guild Wars 2.

The Raptor mount is now available by default with the core game at level 10, but the other mounts require Path of Fire expansion to unlock them and train their masteries.

Living World Season 4 is necessary for The Roller Beetle and The Skyscale, and End of Dragons expansion is required for the Siege Turtle.

Must be noted that Raptor and Springer mounts can be obtained in End of Dragons as well, but their mastery tracks can’t be trained without Path of Fire.

Each mount has its own unique set of abilities and characteristics. They also possess one offensive skill that, when used, dismounts the player. Their skills are documented on the individual mount pages, linked from the first column of the following table.

With Secrets of the Obscure expansion, there are new ways to obtain some mounts as well. (Work in Progress)

Here are all the complete mount guides to assist you in the quest to unlock them all.