GW2 Patch: Game Update Notes: March 28, 2023

03/28/2023‚ÄĒMarch 28 Release Notes

Super Adventure Festival

Moto’s world-renowned Super Adventure Box returns again when the Super Adventure Festival kicks off on March 28! Explore two worlds (and one test zone) of excitement, peril, and educational entertainment to earn holographic weapons and a variety of loot. Travelers can visit the Super Adventure Box in Rata Sum; temporary portals have been placed in each major city to facilitate easy travel to the scenic hub of asuran culture!

  • Festivities begin on March 28 and will continue until April 18 at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7).
  • Complete the festival’s meta-achievement, (Annual) Super Adventure Box Nostalgia,¬†to earn the new Powered Gloves armor piece! Last year’s reward, the Reality Rig Mk1 chest armor, is now available from Super Adventure Box Traders.
    • For the fashionable and asymmetry inclined, unlocking the Powered Gloves armor in the wardrobe will immediately unlock a Powered Left Glove and Powered Right Glove to wear on just one hand.
    • The Reality Rig Mk2 and Reality Rig Mk3 remain available from the Super Adventure Box Trader.
  • A new Generation One weapon set is now available! You’ll receive your choice of a weapon by progressing the Super Adventure Box Nostalgia meta-achievement, and you can earn a second choice from a secret achievement or purchase additional tradeable boxes from the Super Adventure Box Weekly Trader.
  • New weapons have been added to the Retro-Forged weapon set! You can purchase these weapons directly from a festival vendor or find them as rare drops in Super Loot Bags.
  • New Super Adventure Box-themed guild decorations have been added! Turn your hall into the cavernous level of your dreams.
  • Infantile Mode has been renamed and is now Exploration Mode.
  • A number of Super Adventure-related bugs have been fixed to ensure a safe education for all heroes.


  • Fixed a rare DirectX 11 rendering crash that occurred during character selection.
  • Fixed the positioning of the map label for Gyala Delve.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dialogue to be played map-wide during the “Escort Rama deeper into the mines” event.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented mount skills from functioning properly inside the Storm Tracking story instance in the fourth episode of Living World Season 4, “A Star to Guide Us.”

Source: Guild Wars 2 Official Forums

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