GW2 Patch: Game Update Notes: October 18, 2022

10/18/2022‚ÄĒOctober 18 Release Notes

Shadow of the Mad King

Once again, the gates of the Mad Realm have opened and Kryta’s most infamous monarch, Mad King Thorn, has returned to hold court in Lion’s Arch! Loyal vassals of the king are strongly encouraged to enjoy the festivities: meet the denizens of the Mad Realm in events across Kryta; tour the Mad Realm itself in the Mad King’s Labyrinth and fearsome Mad King’s Clock Tower jumping puzzle; compete with your fellow mortals in Lunatic Inquisition, Reaper’s Rumble, and the Mad King’s Raceway; attend to the king’s whims in his notorious pastime of Mad King Says; or match wits and blades against royalty in Ascent to Madness.

*The Lion’s Arch Captain’s Council wishes to remind all citizens that they are not affiliated with the Krytan monarchy and cannot guarantee the safety of any individual who chooses to dabble in dangerous realms, mad or otherwise.

  • The annual Halloween Rituals meta-achievement has been updated with a fashionable new reward: the Clawing Shadow Gloves! Earn this spooky new armor piece by completing a variety of Halloween activities and show your allegiance to the Lunatic Court with pride. Last year’s meta-achievement reward, the Grasping Gaze Shoulders, can now be purchased from candy corn vendors if you missed it.
  • The new Chained weapon set is now available! Progress the annual Halloween Rituals meta-achievement to earn a weapon of your choice. You can find additional tradeable Chained weapons as rare drops in Halloween Prize Bags, which are available from a new daily achievement.
  • Three new weapons are now available as rare drops from Trick-or-Treat Bags. They can also be purchased from Sparking Stone in Lion’s Arch.
  • Two new miniatures are available for purchase from candy corn vendors.
  • New Halloween-themed guild decorations have been added.
  • We’ve resolved many minor issues to ensure a fun and polished festival experience for all visitors to the Mad Realm.

The gates to the Mad Realm will be open for three weeks, from October 18 until November 8. Have a happy Halloween!


¬∑         Xunlai Jade Sales Associates now offer a Mini Jade Bot in exchange for Research Notes.

o    Featuring the latest innovations in jade tech, this mini will adopt the look of your currently equipped jade bot skin.

¬∑         Remote-controlled jade bots will now adopt the look of your currently equipped jade bot skin.

  • Replaced all four-slot bags awarded for leveling up or completing personal story chapters with eight-slot bags. Replaced bags awarded for completing the first and seventh chapters of the personal story with twelve- and eighteen-slot bags respectively.
  • Items in your account bank will now be visible and available for use in the Mystic Forge interface.
  • Looking for Group squad listings will now display an alert if the commander’s map is full and you are not already on it.
  • Clicking on skin and dye unlock alerts will now open them in the equipment preview window instead of opening the Hero panel.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some visual effects to disappear earlier than intended, such as the telegraphs for Deimos’s Annihilate attack.

Profession Skills


  • Fixed an issue that caused the following skills to display as out of range when an ally was targeted:
    • Solar Beam
    • Astral Wisp
    • Twilight Combo
    • Measured Shot


  • Celestial Being: Removed incorrect text referring to a reduction in pet attributes from the trait description.
  • Glyph of the Stars: Fixed an issue that prevented this skill from displaying a water field visual effect.


  • Fixed an issue that caused Measured Shot to display every error as an out-of-range error.
  • Black Powder: Corrected this skill’s tooltip to remove an unintentional stealth skill fact.


  • Dragonscale Defense: Fixed an issue that caused this trait to apply the wrong boon in PvP and WvW.
  • Breaching Strike: Fixed an issue that caused this skill to do more damage than intended in WvW.

Additional Notes:

  • Enduring Recovery: Reduced endurance regeneration bonus from 25% to 10% in PvP and WvW when using the vindicator elite specialization.
  • Unwavering Avoidance: Reduced vigor duration from 1.5 seconds to 1 second in PvP and 3 seconds to 1 second in WvW when using the vindicator elite specialization.
  • Imperial Impact: Reduced protection duration from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds in PvP and WvW. Reduced might stacks from 4 to 2 in PvP and WvW.
  • Song of Arboreum: Reduced vigor duration from 2 seconds to 0.5 seconds in PvP and from 4 seconds to 1 second in WvW.
  • Call of the Alliance: Reduced base endurance gain from 5 to 3 in PvP only. Reduced endurance gain per hit from 2 to 1 in PvP only.
  • Reaver’s Curse: Reduced endurance gain from 2 to 1 in PvP only.
  • Tree Song: Increased energy cost from 20 to 25 in WvW only. Increased cooldown from 3 seconds to 5 seconds in WvW only.
  • Energy Meld: Reduced endurance gain from 25 to 15 in WvW only.
  • Saint’s Shield: Reduced base healing and barrier from 869 to 582 in WvW only. Reduced healing and barrier attribute scaling from 0.5 to 0.33 in WvW only.

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