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GW2. Complete Secrets of the Obscure guides for all episodes and achievements. Guild Wars 2.

Secrets of the Obscure is the fourth expansion of Guild Wars 2 released on August 22, 2023. Here you can find all the complete secrets of the obscure guides to earn all the rewards and achievements.

This expansion features 3 story acts, three maps, and The Wizard Tower as a hub for the story, new mastery insights, extra collections, and more. There are also two strike missions, a new legendary armor set, and more.

Story Plot

In the quiet that follows the events of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, a new force rises to threaten Tyria. As you fight back against Kryptis invaders from the Mists, you’ll uncover the answers to mysteries that have haunted Tyria from the time of the original Guild Wars. Ancient rivalries come into play—the world is at risk. While we’ve relied on the aid of our allies in many adventures to date, it’s time for you to find your footing in a darker, more mysterious side of the world.

Now that the Elder Dragon cycle is “over,” Tyria is blood in water. The Mists are watching.

Story Achievements

Map Achievements

Mastery Achievements

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