Harbinger Open World Build

GW2. Best Open World Build. Harbinger. Necromancer PvE.

Last Update: April 2024

While Harbingers are the most risky version of necromancer, they are also the most powerful damage over time. This build gets incredible health regeneration, making it great for solo play where you are in dangerous situations without support.

Weapon Rotation:

  • Blood is Power + Staff 4 (or delay to before entering shroud)
  • Staff 2/3/5
  • Swap Weapon (and vice versa)
  • Pistol 2/3
  • Elixirs at feet
  • Enter Shroud

Shroud Priority:

  • Shroud 2 off Cooldown
  • Shroud 3/4 if blight is going to go beyond the 25 cap, or right before leaving shroud if above the 5/10 threshold
  • Spam Shroud 1 until out of shroud



ItemStatRune / Sigil

Primary Weapon Set


Secondary Weapon Set








  • Jade Bot Core: for extra vitality
  • Stats: Full Viper for more damage but less survival
  • Rune: for hybrid damage
  • Sigil: instead of Doom


Pistol / WarhornHeal / Utility / Elite
StaffHarbinger Shroud


Build Template

Chat Code: (copy/paste into in-game chat)



Full Video Guide:

Credit to Vallun for the video.

Updated Gameplay:


  1. This build just makes harbinger very unappealing to play. I like the non-pet build you had up first way more!

  2. Would appreciate a non-minion build also. I find all minion builds to be over reliant on pets. It’s not a lot of fun having to constantly re-summoning pets and letting them do all the work.

  3. Thank you, I see I’m one of the few really liking the minion build, loved the reaper days with minions, this build feels kinda the same, only this one is stronger because it’s not a melee build. But I love the mellow play style.

    • you’re not alone, the ones who enjoy it do so silently and the ones who are unhappy speak up, no problem though

  4. dont listen to the people complaining about a “non-minion” build. Minions are perfectly fine, that’s the point of necro in some playstyles, u want to have pets do some work for you. Its a lazy build intentionally.

    I get it they want a little more action, cuz they action junky, i mean sure a build without is ok but why not just play thief or engie if u want action am-i-rite?

  5. Hello Vallun. Thank you for interesting build. I like it a lot, but because I am kinda new into gw2, it is hard for me to get the celestial set. I would probably try to mix some set piecies together – is there some recommendation for the stat order for pet build? Thank you.

  6. I love this build! I searched for days with various builds on various classes with everything feeling not quite right. This one is just a blast to play. Furthermore, my first character from those few early access days before the game went officially live is back. It’s like coming home. Thanks!

  7. Thank you for the post. I personally enjoy minion build and during the open world, you want to be a little lazy.

  8. Thank you for this build. I have been having so much fun running around with this clearing the maps and doing events.

  9. I love love love this build! Minions are where it’s at for me and this makes it really fun!

  10. Sometimes i like minions, sometimes i don’t. But i do like this minion harbinger!

  11. Great build for open world. I have had success slamming down some champs solo with this one so it is much appreciated!

  12. Personally for me, I’ve never played a minion build and I dont mind the change of pace with so many alts. Thanks for this!

  13. I love GW2 but have a really hard time using my hands as well as other people. I love Minion builds as I can kind of play them well enough to enjoy a lot of the game. I’m looking forward to trying the Harbinger! Thank you!

  14. Did the build change? I thought this was a minion harbinger build which now has no minions nor traits to support minion?

    • yes it changed, the original minion master harbinger was based off of a misinformed idea that quickness on minions makes them attack faster, it only does so to a minimal effect. In reality a minion reaper is a much better choice for that kind of playstyle, so we offer that build instead. If you want a minion harbinger you can just copy the minion reaper and add the harbinger componenets to it

  15. Really liking this build. I’m still transitioning all my gear to celestial and I don’t have the right runes yet (tormenting are 6g each!), but even then it’s nice. It feels like a bit less damage than a pure power or condi build, even with my odd mismatched gear, but the damage seems to be more even and realistically attainable in actual scenarios.

    And, the survivability compared to those two, even without the runes of tormenting, is an insane plus.

  16. too squishy (no armor or shields), no vigor at all (so no evades), no teleport skills, complicated rotation (constant swaps + form), if there is lots of adds (in DLC areas especially) – you are dead, because even 5% leech from DOTs aint enough when everyone starts shooting at you. Sometimes even several vets are danger to you! And still worse than power Mech with 1 button spam. It seems it’s not build is bad, it’s class is meh atm.

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