Harvest Temple Strike Mission Guide

GW2. A guide to the Harvest Temple Strike Mission from End of Dragons. Guild Wars 2 2022.

Getting There

Use the Asura Portals in Lions Arch to reach Arborstone. Speak to Lyra in Arborstone and say you’d like to enter a Strike Mission, then clarify an End of Dragons Strike mission.

Boss Mechanics

The encounter consists of many phases of fighting each Elder Dragon with some phases handling the void and extra enemies in between.

First Purification Phase

Influence of the Void – Throughout the encounter there will be black orbs located either in the center of the platform or at the four cardinal directions. These will leave an expanding void field on the ground indicated by a subtle red circle around them which over time can leave you with little space to avoid it. Players in the void area will take heavy damage and will gain stacks of Influence of the Void. At 10 stacks they will become hostile to other players, meaning they cannot damage the boss, only heal it, and they cannot support other players, only hurt them. They can go to their party and get downed to remove the mind control effect.

Heart of the Void – Much of the encounter will involve a large orb which will change in color depending on the phase. The main objective is to push this orb into the white circle on the platform to purify the void in it. The orb can not be pushed by CCs, but will move in a direction opposite players who hit the orb. Fast multi-hitting attacks will push the orb faster, but the orb has a large amount of inertia, meaning it can be hard to get it moving in one direction or to change its direction, and will generally keep moving if you stop hitting it. Ranged players are good to assign to moving the Heart because they have better control of the positioning and if too many players are hitting the Heart it can get out of control due to the high momentum.

Every time the Heart of the Void reaches a white circle it will change in attunement to another Elder Dragon, and the black Influence of the Void orbs will spawn voidlings which will attempt to reach the Heart. If any voidlings reach the Heart or the Heart reaches the edge of the platform, a large AoE will expand from it, dealing heavy damage to the squad. This damage can be avoided by porting through the wave. Only have the assigned pushers on the Heart while the other players try to kill and CC the voidlings before they reach the Heart. Once the Heart has been attuned three times, it will gain a break bar which you can CC to progress to the next phase.

Jormag Phase

Once the void is purified, the Dragonvoid can be damaged and the squad should regroup and stack at the south end of the platform to buff and DPS the boss.

Red Circles – Red Circles will appear around two players. Once these fill, an area will be placed on the ground that will damage players and reduce the amount of playable space. These two players should move out of the stack far enough that not only will it give players space to move around the boss, but a bit further because the next mechanic will require splitting further.

Orange Circles – These will appear underneath every single player, like every other similar mechanic like this, you should split up to avoid stacking these together which will damage the players who stack them. Some players should not move because there is plenty of space near the boss to damage it and still not overlap the circles. Support players should move out while the DPS players should spread lightly around the boss.

Seers and Beams – The ground will be littered with damaging areas due to Jormag’s Breath and Icebrood Seers summoning magic, and the platform may also become icy which will make it slippery and hard to move out of the damaging areas. Much of this damage can be avoided with positioning, but avoiding all of it is not convenient, so the healers should burst heals during this part to allow players to stay near the boss when possible. The Seers can be pulled in to cleave them and prevent their constant pressure.

Primordus Phase

Once Jormag’s Dragonvoid has been finished, Primordus begins and a ton of destroyers will spawn. Run out to meet them half way into the platform and use wide AoEs to cleave them and any remaining Icebrood Seers. Avoid staying near the boss because it will begin with the next mechanic first.

Bite – A large area will appear shortly after the destroyers spawn. Primordus will open his jaws and bite the area, dealing massive damage and leaving behind a damaging fire in the area. You must get out of the area and spread out, but be careful not to panic and run at your allies because the orange circles will detonate shortly before the bite. Regroup after the bite and buff up to prepare to reengage on Primordus after the fire dissipates.

Smash – A smaller orange radius around the boss will appear, and shortly after Primordus will smash the area. You can easily move out of this, or block it by sharing Aegis to each party member. Standing at the far left or far right side of the platform near the Dragonvoid will require much less movement to avoid this attack due to the circular shape.

Primordus will do 1 Bite then 3 Smashes, but since a Smash will occur right after the fire field of the Bite dissipates it is easy to avoid. This means you can have your party wait for the first Smash and then block the second and third Smash with Aegis, then go out for the Bite again.

Kralkatorrik Phase

Branded Devourers will spawn when Primordus has been defeated. These mobs have break bars and attack from range, so it can be hard to clear them out before focusing on the boss. Move out halfway towards the middle of the platform and clear out as many Devourers as is convenient then restack on the boss. Any excess Devourers can be finished later.

Void Brand – A rectangle or two will appear across the platform then Kralkatorrik will brand the area with void. Any players in this area will take massive pulsing damage. The boss will alternate between branding two sides with space in the middle or branding the middle.

Because you know that the branding alternates between the middle and the side pattern, as soon as the branding disappears you should start moving to the next safe area. Better to move early than to move late. However, it can also benefit you to alternate between which side you go to when avoiding the middle pattern. This is because Red Circles will also spawn on two players during this phase, reducing the amount of space you have if multiple sets are placed on the same side. Make sure to follow the commander to not split up.

To avoid the brand mechanic efficiently here is the movement pattern:

Mid > Left > Mid > Left > Mid > Left, etc.

Second Purification Phase

After Kralkatorrik’s Dragonvoid is finished, the Heart of the Void will return and the squad must expose Mordremoth and Zhaitan’s Heart. While it is Mordremoth’s Heart, swarms of bugs will leave it and deal minimal damage to players. Zhaitan’s Heart will leave behind a dark green puddle which will deal moderate damage to players standing in it. It is best to have ranged players move the Heart because of this.

Mordrem Time Caster – During this phase a Champion Void Time Caster will appear. Break the defiance bar and avoid the Black Hole that spawns inside it. It is best to take out the Time Caster before pushing the Heart because it will simplify the phase and prevent the Champion from persisting through the phases.

The Heart of Mordremoth won’t move so long as no one touches it, and the voidlings that try to reach the Heart will only appear after the Heart reaches the White Circle. Depending on your squad’s DPS and efficiency, delaying the Heart mechanic to focus on the Champion is less risky. CC the Heart of Zhaitan once the final White Circle has been reached to expose it and begin damaging the Dragonvoid again.

Mordremoth Phase

After purifying the dragonvoid, stack to DPS Mordremoth’s void. Besides spewing some moderate AoE around the platform, there is only one new mechanic to handle with this phase, but due to it’s interaction with previous mechanics and how punishing it is, this is the most dangerous phase.

Shockwave – A thin orange circle will expand from the center of the platform, signaling a shockwave is coming soon. Modremoth will smash the center of the platform three times sending out a shockwave that will deal heavy damage and knock you back which potentially will knock you off the platform. These shockwaves can be dodged, jumped over, blocked, or even ported through. Use both your dodges if need be to roll through the waves and bring one utility skill such as Aegis, an invulnerability, or a port, to survive all three of these if you aren’t confident in your jump timing.

What makes this mechanic difficult is that the shockwave always happens at the same time as the orange circles around every player and the red circles will reduce space further. You must split up, making it harder to receive support from your allies and there is not much space to dodge or you’ll go on top of an ally and down them. The orange circles will detonate after the first shockwave, meaning you should not dodge the first shockwave if it means you’ll be on top of another.

Zhaitan Phase

Three Risen Giants will spawn at the beginning of this phase which will pressure your party extremely with knockbacks, fears, and leave green puddles on the floor. Ignoring them to attack Zhaitan is possible with a sturdy composition, but it is risky. Kite the Risen Giants away from the boss to lure them to stack up and to get them out of the green puddles they create. Use ranged damage to pressure them and go in to melee damage them once they have been moved out of the green puddles. Dodge the stomps as they have a very wide range and can knock you back and deal heavy damage. Stability is preferred during this.

Fear – A large radius will appear around Zhaitan and once it is filled everyone inside will become feared, potentially sending them into the Influence of the Void or into the Zhaitan’s Reach snakes that will deal decent damage with their attacks. Stability and Aegis can prevent the fear, or you can dodge it if you look back to see the exact timing of the radius. Don’t worry about killing the snake heads because they will despawn and respawn anyway.

Third Purification Phase

Another Heart of the Void will spawn along with a Saltspray dragon. As before, focus on finishing the Champion before doing the Heart unless you have plenty of DPS and can afford to split the party. Avoid the many AoEs and orbs floating around the room. CC the Heart after two White Circles.

Soo-Won Phase

Swipe – Stay out of the middle of the platform where Soo-Won will often swipe her tail, and periodically she will swipe near her. Dodge or position around this.

Shockwave – Soo Won’s tail smash in the center of the room will create a Tdial Wave. When she rises into the air with a quick expanding orange circle and drops down it will also create a Tidal Wave closer to her. Dodge or jump through this to avoid being lifted away into a more dangerous place.

Void Amalgamate

Once Soo-Won reaches 50%, the Heart of the Void will combine into an Amalgamate. The squad must DPS it now, but the orb will still be pushed by hitting it. Avoid using multi-hitting attacks as they will push it faster. When the Heart starts moving in one direction stop DPS in that direction to allow it to be pushed back towards the center. Ideally the squad will split up evenly around the Heart to keep it in place, but balance is difficult and you may need to swap sides regularly to change the momentum of the Heart.

The smaller orbs released from the Heart can do heavy damage if you stand in their path, so dodge through them when trying to reposition. Projectile reflects can also be placed on the Heart, making this phase much easier.

After the Amalgamate is finished, a Destroyer Champion Obliterator will spawn which can litter the place with fire AoEs. Depending on your squad’s DPS you can just focus Soo-Won’s last 33% health or if you don’t want to risk it you can finish the Champion away from Soo-Won then transition to the boss.

Challenge Mode

Acknowledgement: This challenge mode guide was written by Vallun as exclusive content for guildjen.

Acknowledgement: This guide was made possible thanks to the help of Ank.9537, orophia.8109, and the [KA] squad.

The Challenge Mode of Harvest Temple is by far the hardest encounter in Guild Wars 2 due to how long the fight is, how tight the DPS checks are, and how much coordination is required. The average player should expect to make a static group to progress this fight over many attempts to gain synergy and to min max the mechanics just to meet the requirement to clear this.

Video Guide:

Credit to Vallun for the video.


  • You will want plenty of Boon Removal because the Dragonvoid boss and some of the lesser foes will periodically gain Protection, Resolution, and Regeneration. Every second these boons are up will increase your time to kill and risk reaching enrage or complicate other mechanics.
  • Power Damage is preferable on this fight due to the Dragonvoid boss having less than average armor and the need for swapping target to burst down mobs.
  • Having the potential to Reflect will help to minimize the damage that the Heart of the Void will deal to the squad during the Purification and Amalgamate phases.
  • If possible, put Night Sigils on your weapons because they provide the most damage at night, and this instance is always considered night time.
  • Also use stacking sigils like Bloodlust or Cruelty on one of your weapon sets because there are plenty of mobs that you can get more stats from throughout this long encounter, and by the time you stack it to full you will be at the final phases which are the ones that matter most.

There are four main roles you will need to cover:

  • Red Circle Kiters – Usually supports who can provide something to their team while being separated from the group to fulfill the Red Circle mechanic. They will also perform the Green Circle mechanic. For a more specific detailing of every Red Circle placement, watch the mini map in the full fight showcase in the video guide above.
  • Portals 1/2 – at least 2 Mesmers who use their portals to help others perform mechanics throughout the phases more easily and to cut down travel time for the DPS check to be met. A third portal can be used depending on the strategy your group decides. One of them should bring a Focus to pull mobs together. They will also fulfill the Green Circle mechanic
  • Green Circle DPS – will provide buffs to the group underneath the boss but will also do mechanics, most importantly covering the Green Circle, while their buffs are on cooldown
  • Pure DPS – will stack underneath the boss and deal as much damage as possible to meet the tight DPS check


There are many differences in each phase of the challenge mode. Some attacks which were benign or easy to avoid have become harder to avoid and fatal, but here are some global mechanics that occur throughout each phase. The order that they appear in will change depending on the specific phase.

Influence of the Void – The Void Orbs at the center of the platform during the Dragon phases and at four cardinal directions of the platform will grow larger, indicated by a subtle red line. Being inside this area will pulse moderate damage and give a stacking debuff that gets increasingly more dangerous the more stacks you have. While there is no absolute enrage timer, each phase will be time limited by the growing Influence of the Void. If you take too long to progress the phase, the Void will cover the platform and kill or mind control your squad.

Red Circles – Two players that are closest to the center of the platform will get a red circle around them. The dedicated kiters should stay back from the group to ensure they get this mechanic, and everyone else should stay close to the edge of the platform to avoid getting it. The kiters can then stack these red circles together off to the sides where it won’t get in the way of the other mechanics. When the animation finishes, it leaves a pulsing ground area that deals massive damage and will persist for the rest of the phase.

Placing these circles close to the center early on is better because the increasing radius of the Influence of the Void will overlap and eventually make those areas off limits anyway, increasing the amount of space you have later on.

Orange Circles – Several players will have a small orange circle spawn around them. When the animation finishes, players who are inside the range of two of these orange circles will take heavy damage and go down, but being inside one is safe. If you do not have an orange circle on you, try to stand with one player who does have one so you do not find yourself in the overlapping area of two orange circles.

Green Circles – Three of these will spawn when they do, and two players must stand in each of them to satisfy the mechanic, meaning 6 players must perform this. If failed the entire squad will be downed (invulnerability will prevent this, but isn’t a reliable strategy).

As they will spawn multiple times per phase, they will spawn more spread out to match the radius of the Influence of the Void. As the phases progress, it will be harder to reach and fulfill this mechanic, requiring either individual port skills or a premeditated mesmer portal.

Last Laugh – Every smaller enemy in this encounter will cause an attack underneath them when they die. The damage is not too significant, but when multiple enemies stack up it can cause trouble. Try to kill enemies at range or get used to moving away when mobs die.

First Purification Phase

Void Melters – Marked by the orange crossed swords, a cluster of these will spawn near the White Purification Circle at the start and whenever the Orb reaches the purification circle a Void Melter will spawn at each of the four Influences of the Void. Be ready to knock them away or kill them quickly, especially the ones closest to the orb. If any reach the Orb, the run is a failure.

The Heart of the Void – this central Orb must be purified by hitting it into the white circle with a higher amount of hits moving it faster. It has much more momentum on challenge mode. Once it reaches a purification circle it will slow down, but not entirely. It will continue to move in the same direction. This requires precision and instantly changing the direction you are hitting it from. Right before the Orb reaches the White Circle, players must be positioned in advance or port to immediately push it in the opposite direction. Because the Orb will be moving so quickly, CC must be fast to break the Orb’s defiance bar when it becomes purified or it will run into the edge of the platform which results in failure.

Jormag Phase

Mechanic Order: Red > Green > Orange > Red > Green > Orange

Other than these global mechanics, this phase is very simple. Jormag shoots ice beams around the platform which will chill and weaken those hit by it, but mostly this phase is spent stacked together where you can be cleansed or entirely avoid the beams. Also try to pull in the Icebrood Shamans to clear them out since they will persist into the next phase.

Make sure that the Red Circle kiters don’t place them on the Green Circle sites. Have your supportive DPS go to the close Green, and the Portals/Kiters go to the far ones with blinks and ports.

Primordus Phase

Mechanic Order: Orange > Bite > Red > Green > Stomp x3 > Orange > Bite > Red > Green > Stomp x3

As soon as the phase begins, many Elite Destroyers will spawn and approach your group. Primordus will soon after become vulnerable to attack and since the Influence of the Void grows quite large this time, optimizing how you deal with these destroyers is necessary to clearing the phase.

What most groups do is have one of the portal mesmers take Mass Invisibility. This will stealth 10 players and whenever a player goes stealth, hostile NPCs will head to their last revealed location in preparation to attack them. This balls up all of the destroyers neatly to be cleaved on top of Primordus. For this to happen, there can be no pets out including Mechs and summons. Also players should avoid using lingering AoEs that can reveal them. Afterwards, the Bite mechanic occurs. Portal 1 should place their portal right next to Primordus but outside of range of the Stomp.

Mechanic Sequence – There is a series of mechanics that all occur during a short window of time. First the Orange Circles and the Bite attack animation will spawn. The Oranges will detonate first so you should prioritize splitting up first, but the Bite attack requires everyone to evacuate from that side of the platform. Players with no mobility should leave preemptively to make room for everyone to evacuate while still being spread. Players with blinks and mobility should stay behind to create more space, then after the Orange detonates they can use blinks to escape the Bite when it is safe to be near allies.

Before the Bite finishes, Red circles will spawn, which is dangerous because during this time players are trying to spread out and escape the Bite. If the wrong player gets the Red Circle, they should place it at the very edge of the Bite and then take the portal back. To prevent this from happening, players should orderly evacuate from the Bite so that they can remain on the edge of the platform to ensure the kiters get Red Circles.

Green Circles will spawn and the squad will be conveniently located near them. Open Portal 1 between the two Greens when they spawn to allow the DPS to return to the boss, then those designated to the Green Circle will wait to complete that then take the portal back and continue to DPS the boss while staying on the side to avoid the Stomp. Unlike normal mode you can’t block this and its an instant kill. Repeat the mechanic sequence again with the exception of Portal 2 being placed down the second time.

Kralkatorrik Phase

Mechanic Order: Middle Brand + Red > Split Brand > Middle Brand + Red > Split Brand

Just like the Primordus Phase, at the beginning a group of mobs will spawn. These Branded Bombers will shoot ranged projectiles which can knock you back off the platform. Using Mass Invisibility to group them up helps to cleave them out quickly and safely. If it isn’t clean and some Bombers attack the group from range, clear them out before focusing on the boss.

Because everything else in this phase is the same as normal mode, this phase is the simplest. Just move the Red Circles out as far as you can. There is no tight DPS check, so minimize the risk of death by safely cleaving out the Branded Bombers, watching for any meteors that can knock you off, and preemptively moving to the other side when the void brand appears.

Second Purification Phase

Similarly to the First Purification, put a few players to clear out the Void Melters that spawn where you need to push the Heart of the Void to the White Circle.

Legendary Void Time Caster – Will spawn during this phase and has a gravity orb that can cause minor issues. Break the defiance and boon strip it before bursting it down. This foe needs to die before the Heart of the Void is pushed back to the last white circle or it will knock the Orb away. It essentially acts as a goal keeper. Burst this mob down quickly while pushing the Orb to the White Circle.

The Orb will spawn Bees in random directions, telegraphed by an Orange line in the direction beforehand. Avoiding these can complicate pushing the orb if your positioning is not the best and players go down. When it reaches the first White Circle, the counter push needs to be instant on the orb because a Void Melter will spawn adjacent to it. The Orb will no longer spawn Bees and will instead leave behind a deadly puddle. Do not go in melee range of the orb. Push it from range, using angles to correct the trajectory if necessary, then CC from range.

Mordremoth Phase

Mechanic Order: Red > Orange > Shockwave x3 > Red > Orange > Shockwave x3

Snipers – While these small Mordrem are easy to kill, they are extremely dangerous. When they spawn they will quickly run towards the group and perform a kick attack. Without stability or aegis, this can knock you off the platform or into the shockwave which can instantly kill you. Since they are so fragile but dangerous, always instantly focus them down from range. If one approaches you, try to disable it with CC, share stability, or blind if you are unable to dodge due to tight spaces.

Shockwave – The Orange Circles will spawn right before the Shockwave, but they will end shortly after the first Shockwave. This means for your first Shockwave you need to stay as still as possible to avoid overlapping the Oranges. You want to jump over the shockwave but also move towards the shockwave while jumping. If you stay stationary while jumping you risk getting hit due to the timing of the jump being tight. Face towards the shockwave and jump towards it (jumping backwards covers less space than jumping forwards).

Spread the Oranges linearly along the edge of the platform to give more space for players to jump towards the Shockwave. Stacking two oranges between the edge and the center Influence will create much less space to time your jump. After the first Shockwave you don’t need to spread so stack back together while jumping the next two shockwaves to let the Kiters get the Red mechanic.

Zhaitan Phase

Mechanic Order: Giants > Green > Red > Fear > Orange > Green > Red > Fear > Orange > Green

Void Giants – Three of these will spawn. Using Mass Invisibility you can gather these and cleave them fast. They do plenty of CC and damage so cleanly disposing of them is important. Strip their boons, break their bar, share stability, and burst them down as soon as possible because the first set of Greens will appear shortly after and six of the players must leave the stack. If the giants are left alive they can easily knock the remaining players around and leave dangerous puddles on the ground.

Fear – A large orange indicator will cover the entire platform doing an unavoidable attack. Neither stability nor invulnerability will prevent it. This will deal massive damage and inflict a long duration of Fear on your entire squad.

The damage must be mitigated or it can down players before the next Orange Circles mechanic, and the Fear must be removed or players will run off the platform or into the Influence of the Void. Here are some utilities you should provide during this time:

  • Share Protection or any other damage mitigating buffs before the Fear
  • Stun break after the Fear happens
  • Provide Resistance before the Fear happens then you must Cleanse the Fear

The Red Kiters must also be quick to return to the squad to receive or provide support since the Red mechanic happens right before the Fear. Save mobility skills for this.

Zhaitan’s Greens – The Greens on this phase will become very difficult to perform due to the expanding Influence of the Void. Because of this, portals are necessary to move your party quickly while not having them separated for long.

  1. The first greens can be done without the use of portals
  2. After completing the first green, the Portal 1 will go to the north side and place their Portal 1 on the line that bisects the platform then return to the boss.
  3. The second greens will happen after the Orange mechanic, so it is important to position carefully so no one goes down when they need to take a portal.
  4. After opening the first portal to the second greens, the four players will split and go to their designated greens. Save your mobility skills to return through the portal before it disappears.
  5. The Portal 2 will be placed slightly behind the Portal 1 location before returning through the portal
  6. Open Portal 2 to the third greens as soon as the oranges end. This time the Greens will be further from the portal so more time is needed. Return back through the portal and finish phase.

Third Purification Phase

Just like the Second Purification Phase, this one requires you to push the Orb into the White Circle, but with less time to do so since the boss is in between the Orb and the first White Circle.

Void Saltspray – Every single player needs to burst down this boss as soon as possible. It has some frontal cone attack and will spread a torrent of water across the platform. Position safely to avoid going down since damage loss will be detrimental.

After the water torrent attack, the Saltspray will gain a Break Bar. Be prepared to break this immediately and have boon strip to burst it down. There are smaller Void Orbs that rotate around the platform at this time and in the future phases. Be aware of your surroundings and side-step these.

Because this phase prevents pushing the Orb longer than the previous, you’ll need to be as efficient as possible. The Void Melters can be dealt with by:

  • Having a DPS or two with ranged damage kill them while they can contribute to the Saltspray
  • Wait until they get closer and cleave them before they reach the Orb

Once the Saltspray reaches around 20-30%, a few players need to start pushing the Orb towards the purification circle. Preferably they can hit both the Saltspray and the Orb simultaneously with piercing attacks so that the Orb goes by right after the Saltspray dies. Then the rest of the squad who were busy finishing off the Saltspray are in position to counter push the orb to the last white circle. Use CCs fast.

First Soo-Won Phase

Mechanic Order: Red + Green + Shockwave > Orange + Swipe > Red + Shockwave > Spit > Repeat

Soo-Won Reds – This phase changes the entire role system. Reds occurring at the same as Greens means that the Red Kiters cannot also perform the Green mechanic. The reds will persist through the next two phases, so Reds should not be placed anywhere near the middle of the platform like they used to be. The Kiters will want to neatly organize them at the north end of the platform and then place successive sets of Reds next to each other. They will be occurring twice as much so your Kiters are going to be off the group most of the time.

Instead of the Kiters, another two DPS will cover the Greens. When the greens appear, players will need to approach but do not enter them immediately, dodge the Shockwave BEFORE going into the Green. If they get to the green early they can jump over or invulnerability the Shockwave, but dodging out will be fatal to your squad and blocking does not work against the shockwave. Any allied pets will be taken out by the shockwave, so mechs and pets should be stowed or they will go on a longer cooldown.

Soo-Won Greens

  1. As soon as the Third Purification Phase ends, place Portal 1 on the east side along the line that bisects the platform then regroup
  2. Open Portal 1 as soon as first greens appear and the four players doing the further greens will take the portal then dodge into their greens. The close green should not take the portal.
  3. Those who took the portal out will not take the portal back. Stay there and DPS from range. They need to stay spread because next is the Orange Circles and there isn’t enough space to spread without being hit by the Swipe
  4. Portal 2 will be placed at the same location as Portal 1, and after the Swipe they will return to stack on the boss
  5. Open Portal 2 after the Spit attack because the second greens will happen next. Once again dodge into the greens and stay there to spread for Orange/Swipe
  6. Return to the group and DPS. No more greens should be necessary

Swipe + Orange – After the Greens, Orange Circles will appear and Soo-Won will perform a Swipe. There is a small sliver of area where it is safe to stand near the boss, and all the DPS should stand here. If two of them have an Orange Circle, they can back out towards the arrow indicators, but be careful because the Swipe is actually larger than the animation shows. You want to be at least as far as the arrow indicators to avoid the Swipe if you aren’t in the safe spot.

Void Amalgamate Phase

This phase is the only one without a timer, so taking your time is completely acceptable and recommended. Each group of 5 players should be designated to opposite sides of the Amalgamate and use hard-hitting but singular attacks to minimize the movement of the amalgamate. When your side is pushing the Orb enough to make it move, stop and focus on clearing the void creatures that spawn until the momentum is shifted back. Keeping the Amalgamate still will help to more easily reflect the orbs emanating from it. If players do not have their stacking sigils maxed, they can take this time to do that.

Once the Amalgamate reaches 10-15%, the entire squad should converge on the west side to finish the Amalgamate and then stack up to prepare for the final phase.

Second Soo-Won Phase

Mechanic Order: Champions > Red + Green + Shockwave > Orange + Swipe > Red + Shockwave > Spit > Repeat

The mechanics are just like the first Soo-Won Phase, but now there are two champion mobs that can complicate things further. Using Mass Invisibility as soon as the Amalgamate dies can help to stack the champions up to be cleaved down. Otherwise, if they take too long to handle they can tax your squad with CCs and pressure to prevent you from finishing Soo-Won before the Influence of the Void expands too much.

Void Goliath – This enemy is mostly immobile, but has a wide Smash attack that will knock your squad. Especially with all of the other mechanics happening, this is the most dangerous so the Goliath should be the first target taken out if it is not on top of the Obliterator.

Void Obliterator – There are three attacks the Obliterator performs if you cannot kill it quickly:

  • A charge attack shown by the arrow telegraph which will knock players
  • Fiery cone attack which leaves less space to stand in
  • Shockwave which will CC you but can be jumped over or dodged

If you can’t cleanly finish the champions before the first Green, you have two options:

  • Don’t overcommit to killing the champions and move to the boss. Try to use piercing attacks to finish them but focus on progressing the boss health to get the kill before the Influence of the Void expands too large.
  • Finish off the champions at all costs to revert the phase back to being the exact same as Soo-Won phase 1. You’ll have less time, but you will be able to fully focus on the boss without the risk of losing allies to the extra CC the champions contribute to the encounter

Which strategy you choose ultimately depends on how close the champions are to Soo-Won and how low health they are. If the Obliterator charges off into the distance away from the boss, ignore it until it is easily accessible. Usually the Goliath won’t move as much so it can be reliably finished off.

Minimizing the Reds/Greens – If you want to handle the Greens exactly the same as Soo-Won phase 1, then have your Portal 1 place their Portal in the same spot at the end of the Void Amalgamate phase as they did at the end of Purification 3.

However, since this is the final phase, your Red Kiters don’t need to be as neatly organized. There will only be a few more Reds so the Portal can be forgotten and Kiters can go back to doing the Green Circles if the squad wishes to keep their DPS on the boss. They can place the Reds on the far side Green because that area won’t be used for the rest of the encounter. Then the middle Green can be done by the Portal Mesmers using their blinks, and the near Green can be done by the supportive DPS. This lets more DPS be invested into the boss since you want to push through to the end as soon as possible. After the second Greens, everyone should be grouping near the boss and finishing it off. Place the Reds anywhere nearby as those will be the last ones to spawn.


Harvest Temple – 5AP – 1MP

Complete the encounter on normal difficulty.

Legendary Harvest Temple – 5AP

Complete the encounter after enabling the challenge mote.

Jumping the Nope Ropes – 5AP

Complete the encounter on any difficulty without being hit by any of the shockwave attacks.

Standing Together – 5AP

Complete the encounter on challenge mode after absorbing five Share the Void attacks. This is the Green Circle mechanic. All you need to do is perform this role and you will complete the achievement as part of succeeding in the encounter. DPS players who do not perform at least five Greens won’t achieve this.

Voidwalker – 5AP title:  The Voidwalker

Defeat the Harvest Temple encounter on challenge mode without allowing the enemy to gain 3 stacks of Void Empowerment. This occurs during the Purification Phases and each stack is gained every 10 seconds so you have a little over 30 seconds to finish each Purification Phase. The final Purification Phase with the Saltspray is the hardest and squads should employ a strategy that focuses on killing the Saltspray as soon as possible. Minimal effort should be spent killing the Void Melters and more effort should be spent on killing the Saltspray and moving the Orb away from the Melters.


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