Life Support Scourge PvP Build

GW2. Life Support Scourge PvP Build. 2021.

The Life Support Scourge is a Support and a DPS that rips the boons off of enemies and gains them for itself while providing lots of barrier to itself and allies. The shades can be placed on objectives to grant the barrier to allies while positioning yourself away from them, but you can also stand inside your wells which enemies will be reluctant to follow you through. The transfusion with Garish Pillar can also allow for huge revive plays by moving allied downed bodies to a much safer location to revive them.


  • Place at least 1 F1 shade on the objective you are near
  • Use barrier and cleansing from F2/F3
  • Use F4 for healing or Reviving
  • Use F5 if all other shade skills on cooldown
  • Use wells or Elite on the objective if you are pressured or can hit multiple targets
  • Use staff marks off cooldown
  • Axe 2 and Focus 5 the main target



Last Update: Feb 21



Amulet: Avatar

Axe/Focus (Exposure/Revocation)

Rune: Dolyak

Staff (Energy/Escape)

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