Lion’s Memory – Old Lion’s Arch Achievement Guide

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Lion’s Memory Collection

You can find this collection under the “Rare Collections” category in the achievement panel. Completing it will reward you with a permanent portal scroll to a “vision of the past” instance, which is a complete Old Lion’s Arch map before Scarlet’s destruction.

To complete this collection will you need to play and complete achievements from every episode of Living World Season 1, earning the Mastery achievement from each episode will give you a piece for this collection.

Lucky for you I made all the achievement guides for every episode and if you want to focus only on the ones required for the mastery, they will be marked with a Star ‚≠ź next to its name for easier completion.

For the final item required, you can obtain it by speaking with the “Mist Stranger” NPC inside the last story instance of episode 5 “Meeting the Zephyrites”. The NPC will only show up when the instance is cleared, speak with him to obtain the Trail of Memory.

That’s it, now you can use your portal scroll to travel to Memory of Old Lion’s Arch map and stay there as long as you want, if you have friends to invite, they can join you using Teleport to Friend as well. Enjoy!

Credit to Vallun for the video.

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