Molten Boss Fractal Guide

GW2. Molten Boss Fractal Guide


Depending on how fast you wish to proceed, you can ignore many of the mobs at the start. The only mobs you must kill are the elite mobs with the crossed swords above their head.

Use line of sight and corners to group up the enemies. Focus the Dredge Protectors first. They create large wards that make their allies invulnerable. Once you get across the bridge there is a mini boss fight with a Champion Molten Effigy. If your team lacks sustain, consider killing the group of mobs first. Stay close to the boss to be able to rotate around the boss and avoid most of its frontal cone attacks. One attack it will perform is a shockwave. You can jump or dodge this attack to avoid it. This is an important mechanic to practice avoiding as it will be scaled up at the next boss.

Kill the next groups of mobs to progress, focusing the Protector first. Once you cross the bridge you will face the Molten Boss Duo.


There are two ways to do this. Either focus the Molten Berserker first or the Molten Firestorm first. Once one of them dies, the other will regain full health and you face them in an empowered form.

The Molten Berserker is generally more dangerous in its empowered form so focusing it first works. During the first phase, avoid ground AoEs from the Firestorm while attacking the Berserker. The Berserker will use the attack mentioned where it stomps the ground and you can jump or dodge to avoid. However, it will switch it up and use an attack that slices the air above. If you jump you will get hit by this and if you stay on the ground it will miss. The boss will use a combination of ground stomps and air slices and you must pay attention to the Berserker’s hands to know which one will happen. If it pounds the ground, jump. If it claps them in the air, do not jump.

Once it dies the Firestorm will create a wind effect on the edge of the arena which can make you fall off. Avoid going into the wind while hitting the boss. There will be bouncing projectiles that can be hard to avoid, since much of the arena is covered in fire. If the party has a lot of melee that can’t DPS while the boss is in the wind, have everyone move as far away to lure the boss back into the middle.

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