Mortar Scrapper PvP Build

GW2. Mortar Scrapper PvP Build. Engineer 2022.

The Mortar Scrapper is a Duelist with high uptimes of quickness and superspeed which allows it to land its otherwise slow hammer attacks, but also the Mortar Kit scales very well with quickness because it can be cast from very far away, allowing great kiting while counter pressuring. The Mortar Kit also is great for fighting on node with its many fields which is great for a Duelist role.

The Function Gyro can be used aggressively in 1v1s to get easy damage and to combo the lightning field with Rocket Charge for daze, or it can be used to support allies with revival and stomping of enemies which is a great utility in team play.

Basic Priorities:

  • Hammer 2 whenever in melee range
  • Hammer 3 inside your Function Gyro or Hammer 5
  • Block attacks with Hammer 4 or Bulwark Gyro
  • Place Acid Bomb on the objective
  • Get Superspeed and Quickness with Elixir H and Elixir U and their Tool Belts
  • Spam Mortar attacks from range



Last Update: Feb 21


Amulet: Berserker/Demolisher

Rune: Divinity

Hammer (Purging/Cleansing)

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