Mortar Scrapper PvP Build

GW2. Mortar Scrapper PvP Build. Engineer.

Last Update: December 2023

The Mortar Scrapper is a DPS/Duelist with high uptime of superspeed which allows it to land its otherwise slow hammer attacks, and the Mortar Kit can be used while kiting with the improved movement speed to provide great counter-pressure while waiting for cooldowns.

The Hammer, Blast Gyro, and Mortar Kit can provide lots of AoE damage in team fights but also their wide area of effect can be used aggressively in 1v1s to pressure enemies off the node. Combo the lightning field of Hammer 5 or Function Gyro with Rocket Charge Hammer 3 for daze, or put down the water field from Mortar 5 to get extra healing.

Function Gyro can be saved for reviving or stomping players, or it can be used liberally to output more damage.

Basic Rotation:

  • Spam Mortar abilities from range to bait dodges
  • Get Superspeed and Quickness with Elixir H and Elixir U and their Tool Belts
  • Hammer 5 > 3 > 2
  • Hammer 1 or block attacks with Hammer 4, Defense Field, or Bulwark Gyro
  • Kite out again with Superspeed and spam Mortar attacks from range



HammerHeal / Utility / Elite
Mortar Kit


  • for more damage


  • for more sustain


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  1. You can’t really give up explosions as scrapper. The damage modifier on vuln is just to much to lose. It’s better to just replace alchemy with explosions and use demo amulet instead for survival

    • what to chose in explosions line? i used your comment under the scrapper grenade build and seems a lot stronger

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