Point of No Return Achievements Guide

GW2. A complete achievement guide of the Living World Season 2 Episode 8 “Point of No Return”.

Point of No Return (Story Journal)

Total achievements: 10 – 85AP

“Point of No Return” Mastery – 5AP – 1MP

This is the meta achievement for which you need to complete all 8 eligible achievements. The rewards for this are 5AP, 1 Mastery Point and the Caithe’s Remorse Ascended Accesory with Sinister’s stats.

Story Completion Achievements – 0AP – 1MP

Point of No Return – 0AP – 1MP
Journal: “Point of No Return” Completed

Once you complete the story episode, you will earn this achievement and unlock all the rest of the achievements, you can replay the episode and you will see Purple markers to replay each instance necessary for achievements. In other words you can’t earn any achievements during your first playthrough.

Story Instance Achievements – 80AP

No Culinary Application – 10AP
Story Instance: Arcana Obscura

For this achievement you need to talk with Seimur Oxbone again, he will offer you a Bloodstone Pot Pie that you have to consume and clear the entire instance while under the effects of it. This food will reduce your healing by 50%.

It’s All About Timing – 10AP
Story Instance: Arcana Obscura

This achievement has a timer, you need to complete all three trials under 8 minutes. While you can do all three achievements from this instance together, maybe the reduction of healing from the Seimur food could make this one harder, so be aware of that. With a high DPS build and AoE you can get it done easily.

For the first trial you can save time by pulling/pushing the enemies outside the capture circle and it will progress as long as enemies aren’t on it. The second trial is straightforward, just kill all enemies as fast as you can. For third trial you can use LoS (Line of Sight) to avoid enemies projectiles and channel the vision crystal without needing to fight everything. Stealth and Pets are very helpful.

Distorted Reflection – 10AP
Story Instance: Arcana Obscura

After you complete all three trials you will obtain the Torch of Divine Fire. You have to interact with the “Old Mirror” behind Ogden while holding the torch. A doppelganger will spawn and you will get the achievement after killing it.

Weed Killer – 10AP
Story Instance: Pact Assaulted

You can do this achievement and the next one together. For this one you need to kill four Mordrem Lobbers before the south gate is breached without dying. They are standing past the group of enemies attacking the camp, be careful with the rocks they throw, avoid the red circles to be able to get the next achievement done as well.

Lobber Dodger – 10AP
Story Instance: Pact Assaulted

For this achievement, you need to complete the instance without dying and without being hit by the rocks thrown by the Mordrem Lobbers, pay attention to the red circles. You can go downed but not fully die and still get the achievement.

Rock Dodger – 10AP
Story Instance: The Mystery Cave

To earn this achievement, you need to complete the instance while avoiding all rocks. There are four types of rocks that you have to pay attention to and avoid:

  • Right at the start, you will see orange circles around the ring, stay in the center.

  • As soon as you have to start igniting the fires, you will see some rocks that shoot up from the ground, you can spot them by a line of dust forming up, these are the most annoying ones, always pay attention to them and react fast.

  • After you ignite the full ring, and you can damage the dragon, tons of rocks will fall from the roof, avoid all the red circles while doing damage.

  • After the DPS phase, the dragon will retreat and throw boulders at you, pay attention to the orange circles on the ground.

Smotherer Smiter – 10AP
Story Instance: The Mystery Cave

Complete the instance without any divine flame getting smothered. After the first DPS phase, some Smothering Shadows will spawn to try to consume your fire around the ring, you have to kill them fast before they reach it. To do this, you need to grab the divine fire that Rox throws inside the ring, then hit the shadows (they will die by a single attack) and you will lose the buff, try to grab it again fast and continue igniting the fires around, repeat this and you will get the achievement at the end of the instance. I recommend that you kill them with ranged attacks. Trying to do this achievement and Rock Dodger at the same time can be very hard.

Shrubsplosives – 10AP
Story Instance: The Mystery Cave

Detonate all the bomb plants without taking damage from them. You need to detonate them manually because if they explode by their timer you will lose the achievement. The trick is running between them and tripping the vines connecting them, this will trigger them but you have to be very careful to walk exactly at the middle or the explosion radius will hit you. You might want to do this achievement separated from the others, because doing it while avoiding rocks will be really hard. You have to prioritize the bombs, as soon you see some, go for them. It will slow down your run but it’s safer to not gamble with their timer. Keep igniting the fires, when the entire ring is lit all the bombs will detonate but still be careful of their explosion radius.

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