Power Axe/Pistol Daredevil PvP Build

GW2. Power Axe/Pistol Daredevil PvP Build. DPS Thief PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Power Axe/Pistol Daredevil is a DPS thief PvP build that uses piercing projectiles to do AoE damage in team fights and has heavy burst damage that is renewable even though it requires some set up time. It also has more boon rip from the Rending Shade trait which can trigger twice when you perform your burst combo to debilitate your enemies. You need line of sight to your target to use the skill that converges the axes, but the axes will fly through terrain when they do. This makes the axes hard to counterplay other than the enemy dodging or just moving out of range of them.

Cunning Salvo is the sneak attack (1) on Axe which does heavy damage, returns back initiative if it hits, and due to traits will give boon rip and lifesteal. To gain access to this you need stealth which can be entered by using the Pistol 5 and dodging through it for a leap finisher due to the Bound daredevil dodge. This attack spins on the ground like the other axe skills which will linger for 10 seconds until you converge them with the 3 skill, repeating the sneak attack again for more of the shadow arts trait to trigger and dealing massive damage.

Basic Combo: Pistol 5 > Axe 2 > Dodge > Sneak Attack 1 > 1 > 3

Ideally you want at least 5 spinning axes before using the 3 to converge them, which you can easily get by filling in auto attacks anywhere in the combo, but as long as you get your sneak attack off it can be worth it to converge with less axes.




  • Elite: for more sustain in between burst combos

BerserkerAxe / PistolCompounding/Exploit.
VampirismSword / DaggerEnergy/Cleansing


  • Relic: for more finishing power when using Impact Strike

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