Power Chronomancer PvP Build

GW2. Power Chronomancer PvP Build. DPS Mesmer PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Power Chronomancer is a DPS mesmer PvP build with boon rip and CC to burst its targets with massive combos. Landing Gravity Wells in team fights can easily turn the fight around, and Continuum Split refreshes cooldowns while inside it, allowing for creative problem-solving and heavy damage rotations.

Although it is a squishy build, the blocks from Shield 4 and evade from Sword 2 can help it survive while interrupts from the F3 shatter, Shield 5, Greatsword 5, Mantra of Distraction, and Gravity Well can lock down enemies before they get a chance to counterattack. The Power Block trait also disrupts the enemy build synergies by increasing the cooldowns of skills interrupted by you.

The main damage comes from the F1 shatter, which can be used twice due to the Shatter Storm trait. Getting 3 clones with your Greatsword 2/4, then the next 3 clones from Sword 3 and Mirror Images allows massive 6 clone shatter combos. You can go even further than this and perform this combo inside your Continuum Rift, and then do it again.

Skill Combos

  • Shield 4 > Sword 3×2 > Shield 5 > Continuum Split > Gravity Well > Swap > Greatsword 4 >2 > 3 > Mirror Images > F1 > F1 > Leave Continuum Split > Repeat from Greatsword 4
  • Greatsword 5 > Continuum Split > Gravity Well > Blink + Greatsword 2 > Mirror Images > F1 + Greatsword 3 > Greatsword 4 > Leave Continuum Split > Greatsword 4 > 2 > 3 > Mirror Images + F1

Because landing your Continuum Rift combos is an important playmaking moment, you want to make sure the enemy does not easily stun break or dodge and then get out of your long cooldown burst. Try to bait cooldowns by starting with a few clones Time Sink F3 Shatter to put slow on and to disrupt your target. Mantra of Distraction can also be used at any time to interrupt heal skills, and recharging it will lower the cooldown of Time Sink for even more disables.



Marauder (or Berserker)GreatswordExposure/Cleansing

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