Power Grenade Holosmith PvP Build

GW2. Power Grenade Holosmith PvP Build. Roamer Engineer PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Power Grenade Holosmith is a roamer engineer PvP build with lots of superspeed to move around the map. The use of the forge allows for chasing targets while the Grenade Kit allows for kiting and dealing ranged damage at the same time.

Generally, heat gained from being in the forge is valuable to this build. The might from Enhanced Storage Capacity, the sustain from Heat Therapy, and the cleansing from leaving forge comes from having high heat levels, meaning you want to be at dangerously high levels of heat as much as possible without overheating to get the most value out of it.

Remember that casting Corona Burst (Forge 3) is the most valuable skill because it gives might which sustains you and does two pulses of vulnerability with a wide AoE. Corona Burst can also be used right before you overheat, and so long as you leave forge before the heat reaches 100% you won’t overheat. Prefer to avoid using Forge 4 and 5 when above 50% heat

Basic Combos

  • Sword 3 > Shield 4 > Grenade Barrage
  • Forge 2 > 3 > 5 > Prime Light Beam > Grenade 2 > Grenade Barrage > Sword 3 > 2
  • Forge 2 > 3 > 4 > 111 > 3 > Leave Forge > Shield 4 > Sword 3 > 2 > Grenade 2

Using the “Instant Ground Targeting” and “Retargeting” settings allow you to be much more accurate with grenades as it changes your attacks location to be where you are targeting by the end of the animation instead of the beginning. You can just put your cursor on top of the enemy and keep pressing your grenades as you follow them with your cursor.



Sword / ShieldHeal / Utility / Elite
Grenade KitPhoton Forge

BerserkerSword / ShieldEnergy/Cleansing

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