Power Scepter Catalyst PvP Build

GW2. Power Scepter Catalyst PvP Build. Power Fresh Air Scepter Catalyst. Roamer Elementalist PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Power Scepter Catalyst is a Roamer elementalist PvP build with ranged burst potential and good sustain which can also scale up in team fights due to the combo finishers and boons it provides to its allies with the Jade Sphere. It can lack the sheer damage that a Weaver can provide to single targets, but has much better coordinated plays with its team due to the flexibility of attunements.

Fresh Air recharges air attunement when critically hitting outside of air attunement, allowing burst combos by swapping into air for many ferocity buffs and vulnerability application in the middle of any of the high damaging skills in each attunement. Air attunement also gives superspeed, so using the longer ranged skills like the jade spheres that can crit can help to keep swapping in and out of air attunement to keep distance or keep up with enemies who move faster.

Use the augment utilities like Soothing Water in your Water Jade Sphere and Fortified Earth inside the Earth Jade Sphere to get extremely low cooldowns on them which grant you extra blocks, cleanses, and sustain. Comboing with your Jade Spheres can be harder with a Scepter than other weapons, but the focus 5 in water, earth 2/4, and fire 3 are combo finishers which will grant you an aura, stability, and extra stats when used with combo fields

Skill Combos:

  • Earth 2 > 2 > 3 > Earth Jade Sphere > Swap Air > 2 > 3
  • Water 2 > 3 > Swap Air > 2 > 3
  • Air Jade Sphere > 5 > Swap Fire > 2 > 3 > Swap Air > 2 > 3

Heal Combo: Blast Finisher in your Water Jade Sphere with Fire 3/Water 5/Earth 4



Scepter / FocusHeal / Utility / Elite

Marauder or BerserkerScepter/FocusExposure/Cleansing

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Credit to Vallun for the video.

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