Power Hammer/Longbow Untamed PvP Build

GW2. Power Untamed PvP Build. Ranger.

Last Update: December 2023

The Power Untamed is a burst Roamer ranger build which has plenty of CC in melee range and mobility from its pet to stick to the target. It can control the pet more freely, allowing for one shot combos with the right set up. Longbow is also an option instead of Hammer. The Let Loose trait allows the use of the powerful ambushes like the Longbow Multishot or the Hammer Relentless Whirl more often to sustain and pressure enemies.

Basic Combos:

Bursts: Unleash Smokescale > F1 > F3 > F2 > Unleash Ranger > Greatsword 5 > Pet Swap to Drake > Greatsword 2 + F3 > Swap > Hammer 2 + F1 > Unleash Pet > Hammer 5 > 43

Unleash Smokescale > F1 > F3 > F2 > Hammer 5 > Unleash Ranger > Hammer 2 + F1 > Swap Weapon + Pet > Greatsword 2 + F3 > 5 > 2

Stealth: Unleash Ranger > Smokescale F2 > Unleash Pet > F2 > Hammer 5 > Swap > Greatsword 3



Smokescale/River Drake


  • when not using hammer

BerserkerHammer OR LongbowAbsorption/Cleansing OR Separation/Cleansing

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  1. What does the burst/rotation for the longbow version of the build look like? Also, would you take Lead the Wind over Remorseless for Longbow?

    • You would just do the greatsword part of the burst, using the longbow to pressure cooldowns out before. Lead the Wind is never better than remorseless so long as a build has the greatsword equipped, the damage on singular hits is way too good

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