Power Vindicator PvP Build

GW2. Power Vindicator PvP Build. DPS Revenant PvP. Duelist Revenant PvP.

Last Update: April 2024

The Power Vindicator is a DPS/Duelist revenant PvP build with great team utility from the Alliance stance, and aggression/mobility from the Shiro Stance. The momentum it gains from converting dodges into damage allows it to play aggressively or to counter pressure while under attack so it is always progressing the kill.

The Salvation traitline provides passive barrier per boons and cleansing on dodge, giving you plenty of sustain to survive alone, but the Devastation traits grant you quickness when swapping weapons to allow quick burst combos on greatsword or to spam the hammer 1 quickly. It has the option to play Luxon stance when pressuring with the Scavenger Burst to gain quickness, or to swap to the Kurzick stance when outnumbered or under pressure to cleanse or evade, giving it versatility in different situations.

Basic Combo

  • Spear of Archemorus > Scavenger Burst > Greatsword 3 > Legend Swap
  • Greatsword 5 > Dodge > Weapon Swap > Hammer 4 > 2 > 5 > 3 > 2

Swapping legend stances heals you, including swapping between the Kurzick and Luxon alliance stances with the F3. Using your legend swaps whenever possible will help you sustain in fights much longer, but this may lock you out of accessing certain skills. Since you want to keep swapping constantly, you must adapt to the situation using different skill sets. For example, if you need to deal damage while in the very defensive Kurzick stance, save your energy for weapon skills. But if you need to survive while in the Shiro stance, prefer to use your energy on the block skills or use your dodges.




  • Ventari Stance instead of Shiro to counter projectiles



  • Weapon: Staff or Swords instead of Hammer for a full melee playstyle

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  1. Any changes we should make to account for the changes since this was first posted?

    Also if we go with Assassin’s stance and Vicious Reprisal how will we get resolution to benefit from the trait? Should we also swap Dwarven Battler Training to Resolute Evasion?

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