Protection Holosmith PvP Build

GW2. Protection Holosmith PvP Build. Engineer 2022.

The Protection Holosmith is a Duelist that gains massive sustain from boon generation as well as an improved 40% damage reduction from near permanent protection uptime which also gives them plenty of condition cleanse. All of these defenses leave little to no counters to the build, allowing you to hold nodes very effectively. However, because the build relies heavily on sustain and damage over time, it can be susceptible to boon corruption or burst during CC.

Basic Priorities:

  • Don’t Overheat
  • Spam Corona Burst off cooldown
  • Keep your heat high
  • Leave Forge/Shield skills/Hard Light Arena for cleanse = more boons
  • Place Acid Bomb (Elixir Gun) on node
  • Place mortar AoEs on node
  • Use Mortar 5 and combo Shield 4 + Forge 2/5 through it for heals
  • Land Sword 3/2 combo


30 %

Last Update: Feb 21


Amulet: Berserker/Demolisher

Rune: Dolyak

Sword/Shield (Energy/Cleansing)

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