Rifle Deadeye PvP Build

GW2. Rifle Deadeye PvP Build. Thief.

Last Update: September 2023

The Rifle Deadeye is a Roamer thief build that put out tons of damage over time to single targets with the Maleficent Seven trait combined with Death’s Judgment. While it is decently mobile, it is mostly projectiles which can be avoided by line of sight and reflects.

Use Kneeling Rifle 4 to create a Sniper’s Cover, walking into this will change your Rifle 4 into a port which will stealth you. Constantly use this combo to travel around the map safely and to be able to use your stealth attacks if you don’t have or need to dodge. An easy way to always place the Sniper’s Cover below you is to put your mouse over UI (skill clicking counts as this) and use the ability which will place it underneath you and instantly allow the stealth combo.

Another way to enter stealth is by using the stolen ability you get from marking a target (F2) while you have at least 5 malice against a target. You gain malice whenever you use a weapon skill that requires initiative against the marked target. Generally this will be Rifle 2. If it crits it gives 2 malice, if it does not crit it will only give 1. When entering Stealth, your Rifle 1 turns into Death’s Judgment which does more damage the more Malice your target has.

Basic Combos: F1 > Rifle 2 2 2 > Dodge or F2 (stealth) > Rifle 1

Safe Opener: Sword 2 (In) > F1 > Sword 3 > Swap > Rifle 22 > Dodge > 1 > 222 > Dodge > 1 > Swap > Sword 2 (out)






  • Weapon: Dagger instead Pistol as secondary off-hand
  • Sigil: Energy/Cleansing on secondary weapon set

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  1. Is this up to date? Sept 2023
    If so I’m curious as to why you pick Maleficent 7 over Be Quick of be killed. From my (limited) experience it feels like landing Death’s Judgement is a little unreliable to land. Isn’t the flat buffs better?

    • flat buffs that only last 2 seconds? If you get stolen into by a deadeye and then dodge, you already avoided most of that buff

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