Secrets of the Obscure Act 4 Story Achievements Guide

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Secrets of the Obscure: Act 4 Mastery

This is the meta achievement for the Act 4 of the story, you need to complete 6 of 9 eligible achievements. The rewards are 6AP and a

Duress – 1AP – 1MP
Story Step: Duress

Complete the Duress story mission.

Through the Grapevine – 1AP
Story Step: Duress

For this achievement head southwest of Rift Hunter Lounge – [&BOgNAAA=] during the story instance and approach the two Rift Hunter Warriors to hear their dialogue.

Credit to TiffyMissWiffy for the video.

At All Costs – 3AP
Story Step: Duress

Defeat the Kryptis wyvern Sorrow under 3 minutes without being downed. This boss is not complicated, keep your distance and avoid the Wing Buffet attacks. Check the recommended builds here: Open World Builds.

Heavy Air – 1AP
Story Step: Duress

As soon as you arrive at Inner Nayos with Peitha, use the /sit emote at that location to earn the achievement.

Credit to TiffyMissWiffy for the video.

The Survivors – 1AP – 1MP
Story Step: The Survivors

Complete the The Survivors story mission.

Well-Versed – 1AP
Story Step: The Survivors

Find 9 notes around Inner Nayos. These are in the open world map not in any instance. The notes won’t show unless you have the story step active (12. The Survivors), in case you reactivate the episode, make sure to reload the map to be able to see the notes.

Check the map with the locations below and a video guide as well:

Credit to TiffyMissWiffy for the video.

Heitor’s Gate – 1AP – 1MP
Story Step: Heitor’s Gate

Complete the Heitor’s Gate story mission.

Don’t Bring Me Down – 3AP
Story Step: Heitor’s Gate

Defeat Heitor without being downed. There are mostly two big attacks to pay attention to:

  • 1. Heitor raises her weapon and shoots projectiles in front of her, leaving AoE damage in its path
  • 2. Heitor starts spinning and charging towards you

Avoid these two big damage attacks and keep your distance, you can take your time. Check the recommended builds here: Open World Builds.

In It Together – 1AP
Story Step: Heitor’s Gate

After defeating Heitor, do not talk to Peitha yet, and interact with 4 objectives before leaving the instance:

  • Talk with Ramses in the basement
  • Check Irja’s remains in the basement
  • Check Astral Ward Protector body on the ground floor
  • Check the Demon bones on the ground floor

Credit to TiffyMissWiffy for the video.

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