Siege Turtle Mount Achievement Guide

GW2. A complete guide on how to unlock the Siege Turtle Mount from End of Dragons.

Updated: May 2023

Getting Started

The Siege Turtle is the first co-op combat mount in Guild Wars 2 with one driver and one gunner. The upgrades and masteries will increase its health, improve combat abilities, and can be used underwater. The driver can use waypoints and move together with the gunner across maps. The mount is not overly game-changing like the Skyscale, but it’s a fun addition to the game that does not focus on movement as much as the other mounts.


The first step to unlock this mount is obtaining the Turtle Egg. There are two methods for it:

  • Completing “The Battle for the Jade Sea” Dragon’s End meta-event
  • Purchased from Peddler for 200
    • Can be found at Xunlai Jade Quarry and Southern Bluff areas
    • These Writs can be obtained by completing events in Dragon’s End map

The main quest has three sub-collections which involve some gold, some fishing, some events around Cantha, and one Strike Mission. This guide will detail everything you need step by step.

Stomping Around

The egg is not an item that you will see in your inventory but it will automatically unlock the “Stomping Around” achievement which is the main collection and will have the first step already completed by default.

Head to Arborstone and deliver the egg to Rota (just talk with them) and this will progress the second step and unlock the first sub-colection.

Turtle Unlock: Starting Small

For the first sub-collection you need to deliver some cooking ingredients to Fidget, a small jade mech in Arborstone right next to Rota (no cooking required, just the raw ingredients). I suggest buying directly from the Trading Post since it’s not that expensive.

  • Rota’s Baby Food List
    • Obtained automatically by Rota
  • Box of Chopped Kale
    • Deliver 250 to Fidget
  • Pack of Chopped Carrots
    • Deliver 150 to Fidget
  • Pile of Chopped Lettuce
    • Deliver 250 to Fidget
  • Bowl of Chopped Strawberries
    • Deliver 250 to Fidget

  • Next talk to Rota to unlock the next collection.

Turtle Unlock: Getting Stronger

For this step you need to deliver some fishing ingredients to Fidget. You can obtain these by fishing yourself and exchanging them at a Fishmonger NPC or simply buy them already prepared from the Trading Post which I suggest to speed up the process since its cost is low.

  • Turtle Food Fishing List
    • Obtained automatically by Rota
  • Bowl of Chopped Fine Fish
    • Deliver 100 to Fidget
  • Bowl of Chopped Fabulous Fish
    • Deliver 50 to Fidget
  • Bowl of Chopped Flavorful Fish
    • Deliver 10 to Fidget
  • Bowl of Chopped Fantastic Fish
    • Deliver 5 to Fidget

  • Next talk to Rota to unlock the next collection.

Turtle Unlock: Suiting Up

For the third collection you need to complete different activities like events, meta-events, and a Strike Mission, check below the full detailed list:

  • Turtle Saddle Parts List
    • Obtained automatically by Rota

  • Luxon Tools
    • Complete the event “Defeat the Void-corrupted Jade Maw” at Miner’s Folly – [&BPUMAAA=] in Dragon’s End.
    • This event spawns at XX:05 minutes and XX:45 minutes of every hour except when the meta is occurring. Check more at the Dragon’s End Achievements Guide

  • Turret Plans
    • Purchased from Elora at Garden Heights Waypoint – [&BBYNAAA=] in New Kaineng City
    • Costs 16 Gold + 7000 Karma

  • Turret Power Unit
    • Complete the Aetherblade Assault meta-event at Daigo Ward Waypoint – [&BGUNAAA=] in Seitung Province.
    • Check more details at the Seitung Province Achievements Guide
    • Occurs every 2 hours check the timer here.

  • Alleola Oil
    • Complete any of the events that occur at Forever Tree – [&BOEMAAA=] in Echovald Wilds
      • “Collect sap for the restoration ritual before the plants stop producing it”
      • “Protect the sylvari until the ritual is complete”
      • Occurs every 20 minutes

  • Deluxe Leather Seating
    • Kill an Adolescent Leviathan at Seitung Harbor in Seitung Province
    • Event can be started by talking with Fahd al’Eshadhi east of Aurene’s Enclave – [&BOgMAAA=]
      • Event is called “Fend off the leviathan” and might require at least 8 players
      • The Leviathan has 8 stacks of Thick Skin, each one reduces 10% damage so this means a total of 80% damage reduction
      • To remove the stacks players can use their Skiff skill #4 Depth Charges (second mastery)
      • All stacks need to be removed quickly or they appear again after a few seconds
      • Another alternative is being swallowed and destroy the attack spots from inside to stun the boss and remove the stacks, but this might require more coordination
      • Once the stacks are removed it is possible to stand on the Adolescent Leviathan’s head to use terrestrial combat skills to defeat the boss
    • Another Adolescent Leviathan can be found at Kaineng Docks in New Kaineng City

  • Thruster Plans
    • Purchased from Kestrel Michiko at the entrance of the Jade Brotherhood headquarters in Echovald Wilds
    • Southeast of Junkyard Waypoint – [&BIsMAAA=]
    • Costs 16 Gold + 7000 Karma

  • Thruster Control Unit
    • Complete the Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission
    • Check the full guide here: Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission Guide
    • This item has a weekly restriction, if you completed the strike before unlocking this collection you will need to wait for the weekly reset to progress it.
    • Make sure to get a proper build from here: Strike Mission Builds

UPDATE May 23 2023: As a new alternative for the people who don’t want to run Strike Missions, The Thruster Control Unit can be purchased from The Jade Brotherhood Requisitions Specialists in Gyala Delve for 1000 Research Notes and 500 Imperial Favors.

Kaineng Overlook Gameplay:

  • Saddle Color Selection
    • Deliver 25 to Fidget.

  • Finally talk with Rota to receive your Siege Turtle mount and now you can work towards the masteries for it. Congratulations!

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