Skirmishing Support Druid PvP Build

GW2. Skirmishing Support Druid PvP Build. Ranger 2022.

Support Variant

The Skirmishing Support Druid uses the Quick Draw trait to lower the cooldown of key abilities like the block on Greatsword 4, the Staff 3, or the powerful Celestial Avatar abilities to choose whether to focus on surviving or to focus on supporting allies more.

While it is not the best support for larger fights, it can provide great presence in fights no larger than 3v3s with the amount of CC it can provide. There are ways to revive your allies safely with the stealth when leaving Celestial Avatar or when using a blast finisher in your Smokescale’s F2, which when combined with “Search and Rescue” can make it very difficult for enemies to keep your teammates down. Also Glyph of the Stars when used while in Celestial Avatar will pulse revive your allies.

Healing Combos: Staff 3 + any water field (Healing Spring, Staff 5, Glyph of the Stars)

Celestial Avatar: Place Seeds (2) beneath your Lunar Impacts (3) for extra combo finishers,

Surviving: Greatsword 4, Greatsword 3 (inside Healing Spring), “Protect Me”

Swap to Staff (Quick Draw) Staff 3 > Swap pets right before the animation ends for a second Staff 3

CC: Greatsword 5, Staff 4, Lunar Impact (CA3), Natural Convergence (CA 5), Glyph of Equality, Pet F2



Last Update: October 11


GreatswordHeal / Utility / Elite
StaffCelestial Avatar


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Duelist Variant

With the Light on Your Feet trait and Shortbow, the dueling version of the Skirmishing Druid allows you to put more sustained pressure on single targets, and the Flame Trap allows you more on-node pressure to win 1v1s. Ancient Seeds, the Shortbow CC, and Entangle helps to lock your target down in your traps and the Jacaranda AoE. The staff is still a useful weapon for surviving and supporting your pets who will often do much of your damage if kept alive.


Smokescale / Jacaranda
ShortbowHeal / Utility / Elite
StaffCelestial Avatar


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      • Vallun! I love your vids your my fav on gw2!!! thanks for the great builds i have a blast with them. with your knowledge and skill i finally went into ranked all confident! 🙂

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