Snowblind Fractal Guide

GW2. Snowblind Fractal Guide

This fractal is an attempt to get out of the cold.


The first ice wall must be melted by maintaining the bonfire in the middle of the clearing. Use your special action key to light the bonfire. To maintain the bonfire you must gather wood logs from the nearby woods. Throw them on the bonfire to feed it. Also you must prevent spawning ice elementals from reaching the bonfire or they will starve the fire. Use cripples to slow their approach and kill them.

Once the wall is down, approach the Elemental Source in the middle of the Icebrood village. You must destroy the Source to progress, but damaging it is harder if there are no fires lit. Use your special action key to light bonfires around the village to weaken the Source. If all the bonfires go out your party will become disoriented and lose vision. Focus on maintaining one or two bonfires as your party damages the Source. The faster your party damages the source, the faster the bonfires will deplete.

The Dark Wood

The next area of woods is dark and full of enemies, but you should just run through to the next area.

The final boss is a Svanir Shaman. Break its bar to damage it and avoid its cold breath. It stacks a debuff on you and if you reach 10 stacks you will be frozen solid and be vulnerable. Run away while the boss is using its breath on you because he cannot move while using this attack. The boss will alternate phases and an Icebrood Effigy will replace him. While you kill the Effigy the Shaman will cast falling ice around the room. Avoid that until you can break the bar of the Effigy and focus damage on it.

At 25% the Shaman will turn into a bear and become very dangerous. It can knock down and move very quickly and do tons of damage. Break its bar to damage it, otherwise kite the boss around the room if it is attacking you.

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