Strength Spellbreaker PvP Build

GW2. Strength Spellbreaker PvP Build. Warrior 2022.

The Strength Spellbreaker is a Duelist that can output massive damage and stuns as well as rip boons, making it an effective way to kill tankier enemy duelists. While the build has lots of condition cleanse and evades, it can be very demanding to time all of these properly to survive, and blind is a hard countering condition to warrior who need to land their burst skills to tether their enemies.

Many of the skill combos revolve around landing a smaller daze to immobilize the enemy, then following into a longer stun, then use greatsword burst skills while they are stunned. Some of the basic combos look like this:

Dagger 3 > Shield 4 > Greatsword F1 > Greatsword 2 > Greatsword 3

Full Counter Procs > Bull’s Charge > Greatsword F1 > Greatsword 2 > Greatsword 3



Last Update: Feb 21



Amulet: Berserker

Greatsword (Intelligence/Energy)

Rune: Fighter

Dagger/Shield (Battle/Cleansing)

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