Strike Mission: Voice of the Fallen and Claw of the Fallen Guide

GW2. A guide to the Voice and Claw of the Fallen Strike Mission from The Icebrood Saga.

The Voice and Claw of the Fallen is a strike mission which is a 10 player boss encounter from the Whisper in the Dark episode.

Getting There and LFG

Access the Voice and Claw of the Fallen Strike Mission from the Eye of the North portal or the Raven Sanctum in Bjora Marches.

If you don’t have a static group to run this, you might want to find a group using the LFG tool. Usually the most common squad composition will ask for 2-3 healers, quickness and alacrity and the rest DPS. Most people will use builds for raids so I suggest you check at here for that.


Boss Mechanics

This encounter is two bosses. If one dies, the other become enraged so it is suggested to try to kill them evenly to minimize the time one is enraged. One of the Bears has a hammer and the other a bow.

Periodically there will be a red circle underneath every party member, then a projectile will come out and immobilize them. Cleanses or projectile block can prevent this.

Areas around the room will become lava. Don’t stand in them.


Because you want to kill both bears around the same time, you’ll want to do even damage to them. Builds that can do cleave damage are better than single target damage. Stack on the Bear with the bow first because the hammer Bear will move in melee and allow you to hit both at the same time. Later on in the fight when they split up and the hammer Bear is higher health, focus it instead.

Stay out of the ground areas that are red and bring cleanse to remove the immobilization or projectile reflect when the red circles on the ground appear. Being immobilized in the red ground areas is the most dangerous part of this encounter. Otherwise try to finish them around the same time and break their bar if that appears.


Break It Up – 5AP

After a while, the bears will return to the middle of the room and gain a defiance bar. Break it 5 times (can be done over multiple runs) to complete. If your DPS is too high, you may never see the defiance bar. Stopping DPS may be necessary.

Flawless Fallen – 5AP

Defeat the boss without being hit by any of the ground damaging areas once.

Kodan Dodger – 5AP

Defeat the boss without being downed or defeated.


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