Support Firebrand PvP Build

GW2. Support Firebrand PvP Build. Guardian 2022.

The Support Firebrand can perform CC combos with the tomes, Hammer, and Axe/Shield to help lock down enemies for their allies to focus. All CCs will also chill the target. It is a more aggressive support playstyle to supplement their allies through control more so than raw healing, but is much more reliant on its teammates because of it. Stay with your team and give them quickness and aegis while you lock their target down.

Healing Sources: Standing near allies (F2 and Signet Elite passives), Dodging on Allies, Shield 5 (2nd cast), Heal Tome, Aegis from Mantra of Solace, “Advance”, Shield 4. or F3 Tome 5

CC Combos: F3 Tome 2 > Shield 5 > Axe 3 > Swap > Hammer 5 > 2

Hammer 3 > Hammer 4 > F1 Tome 3 > 4 > 5 > 2



Last Update: Oct 4



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